Office 365 Tenant Migration: Why Partner With CloudFuze?

Office 365 Tenant Migration

Is your company planning to perform an Office 365 tenant migration due to an organizational shift that alters the data storage and usage? Then you must leave the critical task of Microsoft tenant to tenant migration to the experts.

CloudFuze is a reliable Office 365 tenant migration tool capable of carrying out even the complex scenarios involved in Office 365 tenant migration.

Read on to know the top ten reasons why your company must choose CloudFuze as your Microsoft tenant to tenant migration partner.

1. Expertise in Office 365 Migration

CloudFuze is a trustworthy Microsoft Partner that has completed several successful migration projects for various global clients. It has an expert team that excels in all things Microsoft 365, including the tenant to tenant migrations.

CloudFuze’s team understands the nuances of Office 365 tenant migrations and follows its best practices. They deliver outstanding results that align with your business goals.

2. Managed Migration

CloudFuze provisions for managed migration that helps execute an end-to-end Office 365 tenant migration. It assigns a dedicated migration manager who will guide you throughout the process, and the migration team shoulders all the responsibilities of the data transfer.

By this, your company’s internal IT team can be relieved of all the complex and time-consuming migration tasks and can focus on other business-critical work.

3. Meticulously Planned Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

CloudFuze plans and strategizes the entire Office 365 tenant migration to ensure seamless with no disruptions.

Understanding the Source

CloudFuze’s team thoroughly assesses and evaluates the source tenant environment to know what data it holds and which data your team needs to migrate.

It reviews the files, sites, workloads, configurations, and customizations available in the source tenant and understands the data dependencies involved. It creates an email migration strategy and teams migration plan for cases that require moving these along with other business data.

Understanding the Scope of the Project

Our team helps get a clear understanding of the project scope. It enables you to know about

  • The migration timeline
  • The roles and responsibilities of the team
  • The resources required
  • Security protocols
  • Recovery strategy during a failure

Preparing the Destination Environment

CloudFuze analyzes the destination environment and prepares it in advance before initiating the Microsoft tenant to tenant migration. In the case of using SharePoint Online, it organizes the SharePoint sites, libraries, and groups and applies the necessary configurations and customizations.

It pre-provisions and validates the user accounts required in the destination tenant environment.

4. Inclusive Migration Covering a Wide Range of Data

CloudFuze’s Office 365 tenant migration does not stop with a single data type. It offers an all-inclusive tenant to tenant migration, including:

  • User and data migration
  • Email Migration
  • Microsoft Teams to Teams migration
  • Links Migration
  • Whiteboard migration
  • OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online

5. Bespoke Solutions

Each Office 365 tenant migration requirement differs from one another, and a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. CloudFuze provides customized migration solutions that best suit your company’s business needs.

6. Unparalleled Security

When undertaking a complex migration, there is not room for security compromises. CloudFuze protects your business data from threats and loss by adhering to strong encryption and authentication protocols.

7. Incremental Migration

Another strong reason why your company must choose CloudFuze is that it helps reflect even the latest changes from the source tenant to the destination tenant. It achieves this by seamlessly performing an incremental or delta migration.

8. Phased Migration

When your company wants to migrate a huge volume of data from the source tenant to the destination tenant, you might face the challenge of slow data transfer.
CloudFuze overcomes the issue by enabling a phased migration. It transfers data in batches of lesser volume that the tool can migrate without disruptions.

9. Migration Reports

CloudFuze provides a detailed migration report that helps your internal IT team to compare the actual results with the expected ones. It also helps identify any deviations from the optimal outcome and helps address the gaps in the migration.

10. Post-Migration Support

CloudFuze’s service does not end with migration. It also offers extended post-migration support that assists in resolving issues that arise after the migration. Our dedicated support team is available 24 x 7 to cater to your migration needs with minimal response time.

So why wait? Partner with us for a reliable, secure, and efficient way of migrating data from Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant environment. Reach us today.

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