Our Story

CloudFuze was founded in 2012 by a small group of highly-skilled cloud computing professionals. The idea is to provide individuals, businesses, and developers a platform that allows them to migrate, manage, and secure their cloud files regardless of where they are stored.

About CloudFuze

The CloudFuze platform offers seamless connectivity to the growing universe of public, private, and hybrid cloud storage options and also enterprise content management systems. More significantly, the CloudFuze platform provides a robust set of software and tools that make it possible to transfer, collaborate, and secure files and documents stored in multiple cloud storage accounts.

The Team

CloudFuze has a close-knit and highly-experienced team of 30 plus professionals working, with offices located in Durham, NC, and Hyderabad, India.

Our Mission

To provide people around the world a quick, seamless, and simple way to migrate, manage, and secure their cloud files no matter where they are stored.

Our Vision

To be the world’s best and most advanced cloud file management company.