Our mission is to provide seamless connectivity between people and their clouds.

Our Story:

Founded in 2012, CloudFuze has grown to a team of over 20 technology focused employees, dedicated to continued improvement of the CloudFuze Platform and it’s tools. Our aim is to enable individuals, companies and software developers to connect to and reap the benefits of the expanded set of file management and storage options without the need to deal with their complexities. We aim to provide a cleaner, simpler way to migrate, secure, and manage all cloud files, no matter where they are stored.

What is CloudFuze:

The CloudFuze platform offers seamless connectivity to the growing universe of public, private, and hybrid cloud storage options and also enterprise content management systems.

More significantly, the CloudFuze platform provides a robust set of software and tools that make it possible to transfer, collaborate and secure files and documents regardless of where they reside.

Finally, CloudFuze supports the increasing enterprise collaboration needs by offering its functionality on a variety of devices and messaging apps like Cisco Spark, Slack etc… The result is that CloudFuze customers can use a single platform across all of their devices and apps to access and manage any file or document regardless of where it is stored.

We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team.