Automating IT Tasks

Automating IT tasks

IT teams are needed to complete many tasks and processes daily. However, a significant part of these tasks is repetitive. Automating these daily tasks can save team members from spending valuable time on recurring, mundane tasks.

Automation is the process of using software or tools to automate manual tasks that are monotonous and repetitive. Those daily tasks and updates that take up a lot of time and effort but are of less value to the organization can be automated using simple tools and AI. This enables the workforce to do more productive work and cut down operational costs for the enterprise.

The need for automation has been increasing in the recent decade. The reason is the loss taking place in the absence of automation. Evaluating the total cost of tasks that can be automated will help one to understand the need for automation. The cost of a task does not refer only to the money spent but also the time and effort spent on a task.

Some of the tasks members of a team do daily are not worth the time or effort spent doing them. Automating these tasks allows them to shift their focus toward high-value tasks rather than monotonous ones. With less effort, automation will enable you to do more simultaneously, reducing the chances of error.

Operational costs such tasks can be cut off by automation; for example, many administrative tasks can be automated and done with reduced cost.

Lead management, marketing, finance and accounting, human resources, and administrative tasks can be automated.

In fact, a McKinsey report revealed that almost half (45%) of business tasks could be automated with current technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

There is a massive set of IT tasks that need to be done daily, which can be automated. Automating these tasks helps members of the IT team to do less reactive work and commit to more proactive, high-value tasks.

Tasks that can be Automated

Tasks that can be Automated

Password Reset

There are now many tools that make it possible to automate the process of password reset. As security concerns rise, password resetting is a regular task. In addition, there exists software that includes password reset automation, saving you time, money, and resources.

Access Governance

Access governance systems or identity management systems refer to how a user’s identity is integrated. For example, this includes authentication privileges, authorization levels, and roles within the system.

Effective onboarding and offboarding also can be automated. However, providing definite access to new hires and removing access to outgoing employees can be automated easily.

Service Restart

A substantial number of restarts might be needed throughout the day. Being able to automate this helps the IT team with a monumental task.

Log Monitoring

Monitoring the logs daily is essential for a healthy IT system. Checking for errors or any issues in the records can be a tedious task. Automating this task can help in detecting errors effortlessly.

Change Service Account and Password

Changing a service account and password, as password resets, can be a time-consuming operation. Not because it is tough, but because there are so many of them. Automation allows you to swap service accounts across numerous servers without requiring human intervention.

Automation thus can be beneficial for organizations in optimizing their processes, thereby enabling a proactive workforce and reducing their workload, all at the same time removing any chance of error. As a result, countless work hours can now be saved overall by taking the small effort to automate the processes.

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