Delta Migration: How CloudFuze Ensures Zero Downtime During Migration

Delta migration or incremental migration is one of CloudFuze’s top features that allow companies to work on their source cloud while data is being migrated. 

Our delta migration capability ensures zero downtime during the migration and gives your team the freedom of working on their files.

Delta Migration

The Process

Delta or incremental migration comes into the picture only after the one-time migration is completed. As soon as the one-time migration is completed, our migration team schedules a delta migration, usually on a weekend to migrate changes or updates in the source cloud.

What Will be Migrated

In delta migration, CloudFuze migrates only the updates and changes made to the source cloud during the one-time migration period. These changes can be the addition of new files, modification, or deletion of existing files.

How Much Time Does Delta Migration Take

Usually, delta migration does not take a lot of time as CloudFuze will only be migrating the updates or changes in the source cloud and not the whole data. Depending upon the number of users in the source cloud account and the extent of changes happening, delta migration may take considerably lesser time than one-time migrations.

How Much Does Delta Migration Cost

CloudFuze offers delta migration as a core feature for all our customers. Please contact us today to discuss your company’s migration needs.

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