1. Introduction

Dropbox and Google Drive are two of the most popular cloud storage services competing intensely. However, with so many benefits, there are many reasons why companies migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive.

For example, Google Drive comes as part of Google Workspace with extra access to Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, etc., for one subscription, potentially offering a far better deal. As a result, you may be considering moving Dropbox data to Google Drive or Dropbox to Google Shared Drives.

But here, the big question arises, how to copy files from Dropbox to Google Drive? CloudFuze helps businesses migrate all users’ files, both owned and shared, automatically with permissions, versions, metadata, comments, shared links, and external links more quickly and easily.

If you plan to migrate Dropbox to Google Drive, what are the challenges involved during migration? What are the migration prerequisites?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essentials before performing migration and explain how you can move files from Dropbox to Google Drive in a few simple steps.

Watch the video below to learn how to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive account by following simple steps.

2. Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Dropbox and Google Drive are two of the most popular cloud storage services. They both offer a lot of common features, such as:

  1. Access files from any device
  2. Access files from anywhere in the world
  3. Store all data safely in one place
  4. Manage and edit files in collaboration with others

However, there are some differences between Dropbox and Google Drive. In addition to offering better plans than Dropbox, Google Drive offers many more features, either for free or at a lower price than Dropbox.

Most businesses choose to move Dropbox to Google Drive as they find Google Drive to be more user-friendly, easier to use, and more cost-effective than Dropbox.

3. Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Challenges

Data migration is an extensive task, and ensuring a smooth transition can be challenging for IT Admins and managers. Some of the challenges that occur when you migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive a failure are as follows:

  • Transferring huge files without any data loss and no downtime
  • Migrating all the nested folders
  • Migrating file-sharing permissions
  • Migrating file attributes such as versions, comments, and timestamps
  • Data security and compliance

Dropbox to Google Drive

Data is at its most critical during the data migration, and it may become unavailable or be at risk of being breached. Companies must choose the best cloud migration service provider to overcome all the challenges, eliminate data breach, and ensure a successful migration.

CloudFuze, a Google migration partner, can help you move Dropbox files to Google Drive ensuring zero data loss and no downtime.

4. How Does Our Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Tool Works?

CloudFuze’s Dropbox to Google Drive migration tool copies the content in your company’s Dropbox account and paste it into the new Google Workspace account. The tool helps transfer Dropbox files to Google Drive, retains file-sharing permissions and retains folder structure.

CloudFuze can automatically moves Dropbox files to Google Drive account and saves time and money. Without the help of a cloud file transfer tool like CloudFuze, IT admins or managers need to spend months, if not years, to migrate data and configure file-sharing permissions.

Let us see how CloudFuze migrates the Dropbox file-sharing permissions to Google Drive.

Dropbox Google Drive
Owner Owner
Editor Editor
Viewer Viewer

 Table: Migrating file-sharing Permissions

We assist businesses in completing the required pre-migration analysis and developing a project strategy to transfer Dropbox files to Google Drive that is easy yet successful.

Connect with the leading migration experts and get a customized migration strategy that fits your business needs.

5. CloudFuze vs Competitor Migration Tools

CloudFuze Dropbox to Google Drive migration tool can help you streamline and automate your data migration process while migrating all the features.

Migration Features CloudFuze Competitors
One-time migration Yes Yes
Delta Migration Yes Yes
Root folder permissions Yes Yes
Sub folder permissions Yes Yes
Root file permissions Yes Yes
Versions Yes No
Selective Versions Yes No
Timestamps Yes Yes
External Links Yes Yes
Shared Links Yes Yes
Comments Yes No
Long Folder Path Yes No
Special Character Replacement Yes No
Embedded Links Yes No
Suppressing Email Notifications Yes No
Comparison Delta Yes No

Take advantage of our hassle-free managed migration service to seamlessly migrate data from Dropbox to Google Drive!

6. Prerequisites for Dropbox to Google Drive Migration

To transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive, you need to hold the below credentials.

  • Dropbox Business account admin login credentials
  • Google Workspace admin login credentials
  • A CloudFuze account login credentials

7. Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Steps

Here are the simple steps to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive account using CloudFuze.

Step 1:  Sign in to CloudFuze

Step one to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive is creating a CloudFuze account. Please keep in mind that CloudFuze is free to try. You can migrate up to 3 users or 10 GB of files to test the CloudFuze platform.

CloudFuze webapp

Step 2: Add and Authorize Your Company’s Dropbox Account

Now, locate the Dropbox logo in the list of business clouds and click on it. Since this is a business migration, you should only select the Dropbox option from the business clouds.

Locate Dropbox Account

Step 3: Enter Dropbox Admin Login Credentials

To add a Dropbox account,

  • Click on the Dropbox icon under the Business cloud list
  • Enter the email ID associated with the Dropbox account
  • Enter the password
  • Now, a popup appears. Click on “Accept” and grant permission to CloudFuze

Your destination cloud will be added.

Enter Dropbox Credentials

Step 4: Add Google Workspace Account

Now, click on the G Suite logo to add your company’s Google Workspace account.

Locate Google Drive

Step 5: Enter Your Company’s Google Workspace Admin Credentials

Enter the admin login credentials of your company’s Google Workspace account and click on the Next button.

Enter Google Drive Credentials

Step 6: Authorize Google Workspace Account

Click on the Allow button to complete the Authorization process.

Authorize Google Drive

Step 7: Verify Whether Clouds Added Successfully

Click on the Clouds icon and check if Google Drive is listed there. By this time, you should be able to see both Dropbox and Google Drive listed under Manage Clouds.

Added clouds For Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 8: Select Source and Destination Clouds

Click on the “Team Migration” button on the left navigation menu and choose Dropbox as the source cloud and G Suite as the destination account. Ensure that you select source and destination accounts accurately.

Dropbox to Google Drive Team Migration

Step 9: Sync Dropbox and Google Drive Users

You should now select Dropbox and Google Drive users to migrate the data. You can use the Automap function or CSV method to pair users in the source and destination cloud accounts.

Select user from Dropbox as source and Google Drive as Destination

Step 10: Select Automap Option

Automap will match users in Dropbox and Google Drive accounts based on their username/email aliases. To continue migration:

  • Click on the Auto-map button to auto map all the users in the source and destination clouds with the same alias. The auto-map feature will not pair two users unless their email alias matches.
  • Select the mapped user pairs you want to delete under Mapped users and click on the delete icon.

AutoMap files from Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 11: CSV Method (Automap Alternative)

CloudFuze also provides a CSV option as an alternative to Automap that allows IT admins to create custom migration pairs.

CSV Mapping From Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 12: Select the options of your choice

In Job Type, you can select either “One Time” or “Delta”. Add more emails in the Additional Notification section to receive migration updates to “multiple emails”. Select “hyphen” or underscore to replace special characters in Job Name.

Options from Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 13: Confirm Preview

Once the options are filled, preview your options before clicking on the Start Migration button.

Preview for Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 14: Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Status Is in Progress

All the steps are completed, and migration has been started. In Progress, the status indicates that the migration has been initiated and is currently in the transfer process

The migration may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending upon the size of the data.

In Progres from Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 15: Migration “Completed”

The status turns Processed once the migration is completed successfully. You will also get each file and folder’s status and details like size and the current time to the registered email.

Compeleted Dropbox to Google Drive

8. Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is CloudFuze Free?

CloudFuze is free to test. Free users can migrate up to 2 GB or 50 files during the one-month trial period. Check theCloudFuze pricing to migrate your data from one cloud to another. 

2. How much does it cost to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive using CloudFuze?

Our consumer plans begin from $9.99/month. The cost to migrate Dropbox to Google Drive depends entirely on the data size. Migration experts at CloudFuze first analyze your data and the complexities involved in migrating it and accordingly give quotations to your business.Visit our pricing page to subscribe to a plan that suits your migration needs.

3. My migration need is one-time. Can I cancel my subscription after the data is migrated?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account.

4. I need to migrate our business data from Dropbox to G Suite / Google Workspace. What should I do?

You can easily and quickly move files from Dropbox to Google Drive using the CloudFuze migration tool. Contact migration experts for any queries or support.

5. How do I check the data size for my Dropbox business team?

Only admins will be able to check the data size of a Dropbox business team.

  • Login to your Dropbox admin account
  • Click on ‘Admin Console”
    Dropbox Admin console
  • Click on Insights
    Dropbox Space used

Here, you can see the space used, which is the size of the data to be migrated, and your migration cost for your business depends on this.

6. How long does it take to migrate the data from Dropbox to Google Drive?

The time it takes to move Dropbox to Google Drive depends on the data size, the number of folders, and the number of files. The more the folder and files, the more time is required to transfer the data.

The limitation that only 750 GB of data can be uploaded to Google Drive per day per user also impacts migrating time. Besides that, CloudFuze has the bandwidth to migrate huge data as quickly as possible without slowing down.

7. Is CloudFuze safe?

We as a company know how important data is and follow the standard and best practices to ensure your data is safe and secure while migrating from one cloud (Dropbox) to another (Google Drive). Read more about CloudFuze security.

8. Can I Sync dropbox & Google Drive/G Suite?

Yes, you can now sync data between Dropbox and Google Drive using CloudFuze.

9. Can I back up Dropbox business data to Google Drive?

Yes, CloudFuze helps you to move your backup Dropbox business data to Google Drive.

10. Can I transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive manually?

Yes, you can transfer the files by downloading and uploading the data. But, as a business, your team works on the files collaboratively by sharing the files. Multiple people work on the same document, which holds valuable version history and adds comments in the documents and sheets. You will be missing all these features when you try to migrate the data manually.

Only a third-party tool like CloudFuze can help you securely migrate all your files and folders and all the other features.

We hope you liked the tutorial