1. Introduction

Transferring files and folders from Dropbox to Google Drive is a multi-faceted undertaking for businesses, small and large. Therefore, it is crucial to have a solid strategy to perform the migration smoothly while meeting business goals.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essentials before performing the migration and explain how you can move files from Dropbox to Google Drive in a few simple steps.

You can also watch the video below to learn how to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive account by following the structured steps.

2. Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Dropbox and Google Drive are two of the most popular cloud storage services. They both offer a lot of common features, such as:

  1. Accessing files from any device and all locations
  2. Storing all data safely in one consolidated place
  3. Managing and editing files in collaboration with others

However, there are some differences between Dropbox and Google Drive. In addition to offering better plans than Dropbox, Google Drive offers many more benefits for businesses, such as the inclusion of a wide range of business apps in a single license, deep integration of native apps, options for integrating third-party apps with native apps, and more.

For many businesses that choose to move Dropbox to Google Drive, the benefits from Google Drive and Google Workspace they get often outweigh their need to continue using Dropbox or other clouds. 

3. Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Challenges

Data migration is an extensive task, and ensuring a smooth transition can be challenging for IT Admins and managers. Some of the challenges that occur when you migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive are as follows: 

  • Transferring data and user accounts in high volumes without any data loss and zero downtime
  • Migrating all the nested folders
  • Migrating file-sharing permissions
  • Migrating file features such as versions, comments, and timestamps 
  • Maintaining data security and compliance 

Dropbox to Google Drive

Sensitive company data is at high stakes during the migration, and the risk of breaches is not uncommon. Therefore, companies planning to transfer Dropbox to Google Drive must work with a reliable migration service provider to overcome all the challenges, steer clear of the risk of security compromises, and ensure a successful migration.

CloudFuze, a Google migration partner, can help you move Dropbox files to Google Drive, ensuring zero data loss and no downtime.

4. How Does Our Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Tool Work?

Our Dropbox to Google Drive migration tool reads the content in your company’s Dropbox account and writes it into the new Google Workspace environment in Google Drive and other apps. The tool helps transfer Dropbox files to Google Drive while retaining sharing permissions and replicating the folder structure.

By streamlining the process of moving Dropbox files to Google Drive accounts, our tool helps businesses, and their teams save time and keep the risk of errors at bay. Without the help of a cloud file transfer tool like CloudFuze, companies need to spend months, if not years, to migrate data and configure file-sharing permissions with a manual approach.

Let us see how CloudFuze migrates the Dropbox file-sharing permissions to Google Drive.

Dropbox Google Drive
Owner Owner
Editor Editor
Viewer Viewer

 Table: Migrating file-sharing Permissions

We assist businesses in completing the required pre-migration analysis and developing a project strategy to transfer Dropbox files to Google Drive in non-intrusive ways successfully.

Leverage our Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Solution

Leverage our migration solutions in the most strategic ways to gain a high ROI out of your company’s Dropbox to Google Drive migration. Connect with us to learn more.

5. Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Case Studies

With the industry’s most advanced tool functionalities combined with fully managed services, we have helped a lot of businesses migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive securely and successfully. Here’s one such example:

Case Study Highlight: Front, a leading software tech company, needed to consolidate fully into Google Workspace which necessitated the migration of a large volume of users and data (the bulk of it being Dropbox Paper files). Our advanced tool functionalities helped Front migrate all users and data; all Dropbox Paper files were migrated in Google-supported formats. Explore our Front case study.

You can also read other case studies to understand our capabilities in enabling businesses to steer clear of migration complexities.

6. CloudFuze vs Competitor Migration Tools

Take advantage of our hassle-free managed migration service to seamlessly migrate data from Dropbox to Google Drive! With our tailored pricing, you can get a high ROI out of the migration for the first year and subsequent years. 

Migration Features CloudFuze Competitors
One-time migration Yes Yes
Delta Migration Yes Yes
Root folder permissions Yes Yes
Subfolder permissions Yes Yes
Root file permissions Yes Yes
Dropbox Paper Yes No
Versions Yes No
Selective Versions Yes No
Timestamps Yes Yes
External Links Yes Yes
Shared Links Yes Yes
Long Folder Path Yes No
Special Character Replacement Yes No
Embedded Links Yes No
Suppressing Email Notifications Yes No

Take advantage of our hassle-free managed migration service to seamlessly migrate data from Dropbox to Google Drive!

7. Prerequisites for Dropbox to Google Drive Migration

To transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive, you need to have these credentials:

  • Dropbox Business account admin login credentials
  • Google Workspace admin login credentials
  •  CloudFuze account login credentials

8. Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Steps

Here are the simple steps to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive account using CloudFuze.

Step 1:  Sign in to CloudFuze

The First step to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive is to create a CloudFuze account. Our tool is free to try; you can migrate up to 3 users or 10 GB of files to test our migration platform. 

CloudFuze webapp

Step 2: Add and Authorize Your Company’s Dropbox Account

Now, locate the Dropbox logo in the list of business clouds and click on it. Since you are representing your organization to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive, you must select the Dropbox option from the business clouds section.

Locate Dropbox Account

Step 3: Enter Dropbox Admin Login Credentials

To add a Dropbox account,

  • Click on the Dropbox icon under the Business Cloud list
  • Enter the email ID associated with the Dropbox account
  • Enter the password
  • Now, a popup appears. Click on “Accept” and grant permission to CloudFuze

Your destination cloud will be added.

Enter Dropbox Credentials

Step 4: Add Google Workspace Account

Another needle-mover step to transfer Dropbox to Google Drive is to configure your company’s Google Drive account in CloudFuze’s migration tool. Click on the Google Drive logo to add your company’s Google Workspace account.

select google drive

Step 5: Enter Your Company’s Google Workspace Admin Credentials

Enter the admin login credentials of your company’s Google Workspace account and click on the Next button.

Enter Google Drive Credentials

Step 6: Authorize Google Workspace Account

Click on the Allow button to complete the Authorization process.

Enter Google Drive credentials

Step 7: Verify Whether Clouds Are Added Successfully

A crucial aspect of initiating the process to move Dropbox files to Google Drive is to ensure both clouds are added successfully. Click on the Clouds icon and check if the recently added Google Drive is listed there. Confirm that both Dropbox and Google Drive are listed under “Manage Clouds.”

Added Clouds

Step 8: Select the Source and Destination Clouds

Click on the “Team Migration” button on the left navigation menu and choose Dropbox as the source cloud and G Suite as the destination account. Ensure that you select source and destination accounts accurately to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive and not the other way around.

Choosing source and destination clouds

Step 9: Map Dropbox and Google Drive Users

Select Dropbox and Google Drive users to migrate the data. You can use the Automap function or the CSV method to map users in the source and destination cloud accounts.

User mapping

Step 10: Select the Automap Option

Automap is a great option to easily migrate data from Dropbox to Google Drive as it maps user accounts in Dropbox and Google Drive accounts based on their username/email aliases. To continue migration:

  • Click on the Auto-map button to auto-map all the users in the source and destination clouds with the same alias. The auto-map feature will not pair two users unless their email alias matches.
  • Select the mapped user pairs you want to delete under Mapped users and click on the delete icon.

Automap option

Step 11: CSV Mapping Method (Automap Alternative)

CloudFuze also provides a CSV option as an alternative to Automap that allows IT admins to create custom migration pairs and transfer data from Dropbox to Google Drive.

CSV mapping option

Step 12: Choose One-Time Migration First

In “Job Type,” select “One Time” to copy Dropbox to Google Drive entirely. After the One-time migration is complete, initiate delta migration to transfer all the incremental changes.

In other fields, add more emails in the Additional Notification section to receive migration updates to “multiple emails.” Select “hyphen” or underscore to replace special characters in Job Name.

Migration options

Step 13: Confirm Preview

Once everything is configured, preview the parameters before clicking on the Start Migration button to start the process of migrating Dropbox to Google Drive.

Migration preview

Step 14: Monitor the Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Status

After initiating the migration, you will be redirected to the Reports dashboard. The “In Progress” status indicates that the migration is currently under process.

The migration may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending upon the size of the data.

Migration in progress

Step 15: Check for the Migration Completion Status

The status turns “Processed” once the migration is completed successfully. You will also be able to view each file and folder’s status and details, such as size and the current time, to the registered email. 

Migration completion

9. Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is CloudFuze Free?

CloudFuze is free to test. Free users can migrate up to 2 GB or 50 files during the one-month trial period. Check the CloudFuze pricing to migrate your data from one cloud to another.

2. How to Migrate Business Data From Dropbox to Google Drive?

You can securely and quickly move files from Dropbox to Google Drive using our Dropbox to Google Drive migration tool. Contact our migration experts for any queries or support.

3. How to Prevent the Links from Breaking During the Migration?

With our link fixer tool, LinkEx, you can migrate various types of links, such as embedded links, from Dropbox to Google Drive without breaking them.

4. How long does it take to migrate the data from Dropbox to Google Drive?

The time it takes to move Dropbox to Google Drive depends on the data size, the number of folders, and the number of files. The more the folder and files, the more time is required to transfer the data.

The limitation that only 750 GB of data can be uploaded to Google Drive per day per user also impacts migrating time. Besides that, CloudFuze has the bandwidth to migrate a high volume of data quickly without any performance compromises. as quickly as possible without slowing down.

5. Is CloudFuze safe?

We, as a company, know how important data is and follow the standards and best practices to ensure your data is safe and secure while migrating from one cloud (Dropbox) to another (Google Drive). Read more about CloudFuze security.

6. Is It Possible To Migrate Data From Dropbox to Google Drive Locally?

Yes, you can deploy CloudFuze X-Change in your organization’s on-prem infrastructure to perform the migration locally without using cloud-based/shared servers.

7. Can I Back Up/Sync Dropbox Business Data to Google Drive?

Yes, CloudFuze helps you to move your backup Dropbox business data to Google Drive or sync it regularly.

8. Can I Transfer Files From Dropbox to Google Drive Manually?

Yes, you can transfer the files by downloading and uploading the data. But, as a business, your team works on the files collaboratively by sharing the files. Multiple people work on the same document, which holds valuable version history and adds comments in the documents and sheets. You will be missing all these features when you try to migrate the data manually.

9. Is it possible to move Dropbox files to Google Drive along with Dropbox Paper?

Yes. At CloudFuze, we make it simple and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes and industries to transfer Dropbox Paper files to Google Drive and Shared Drives in . .DOCX format while retaining permissions, metadata, and other features.

10. How Does CloudFuze Migrate Features When Copying Files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

Our migration tool transfers all the features, including permissions, timestamps, versions,shared links, external links, and embedded links when you migrate files from Dropbox to Google Drive. All you need to do is choose the features you want to migrate to before initiating the migration.

Only a third-party tool like CloudFuze can help you securely migrate all your files and folders and all the other features.

Features for dropbox to google drive

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