Google Team Drive Migration

What is Google Team Drive? Google Team Drive is a cloud file repository designed for teams in mind. The whole ...
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One of the great things about cloud storage services is that they offer the ability to create a deep folder structure, similar to what you would find on your local hard drive. It is recommended that you keep the folder tree structure identical and intact when migrating between cloud platforms

5 Things to Consider While Migrating your Data Between Cloud Storage Accounts

Cloud computing: What was a buzzword only five years ago has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. The ...
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Transfer Files from FTP to Box accounts

Box which was developed as a college project initially by Aron Levie in 2004. Box focuses more on file collaboration ...
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Dropbox for business to Gsuite migration

Dropbox for Business is the enterprise cloud storage solution designed to comply with the needs of large organizations. Major capabilities ...
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ftp to dropbox transfer

Transfer files from FTP to Dropbox

FTP is the standard protocol user to transfer files from client server to computer network and it is the most ...
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Multi Cloud Management

What is Multi Cloud? Multi Cloud and Multi Cloud Management is known as managing multiple cloud services at one point ...
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Google Drive Connector for CloudFuze

Google Drive Cloud Storage: Google Drive or GDrive is one of the top cloud storage services, introduced in 2012. GDrive ...
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FTP to OneDrive

How to Transfer files from FTP to Google Drive/Google Drive Business?

FTP is the standard protocol user to transfer files from client server to computer network and it is the most ...
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Sync , Share and Copy files from Google Drive to Dropbox

Are you a multi cloud user? Do you use Google drive and Dropbox? If you are, you must be wondering ...
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Transfer Box Or Box Business Files To OneDrive

Selecting a cloud storage service for business use can often be the cause of much debate. There are innumerable services ...
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Cloud Storage Migration With File System Permissions

When you think about the team that collaborates on just one file in a small to medium-sized company, the numbers ...
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CloudFuze Migration Solutions For Managed Service Providers

CloudFuze is well known in the market as an exemplary cloud migration solution for small to medium sized business, as ...
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Multi User Cloud Storage Migration

When it comes to multi user cloud storage, there are some big names commanding the scene and for good reason ...
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Cloud Storage Migration for Business

There are a number of different cloud storage providers now competing in the market for your business. OneDrive, Dropbox, Google ...
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Enterprise Cloud Storage Migration

Enterprise Cloud Storage Migration

In today’s multi cloud environment, organizations have data stored across various cloud storage services. Most now feel the need for ...
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OneDrive (or) OneDrive Business Migration

OneDrive is the one of the top cloud storage services to offer file hosting, OneDrive is the cloud storage introduced ...
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CloudFuze Migration from Amazon Storage

Transfer files from Amazon S3 to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive.

CloudFuze allows you to transfer data and objects between any of your cloud accounts including Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon ...
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Dropbox Migration

Dropbox is one of the most used cloud storage service. Dropbox not only has huge number of free users, there ...
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CloudFuze Migration from Google Drive

CloudFuze Migration from Google Drive

CloudFuze allows you to transfer files between popular platforms including Google Drive. Our user-friendly migration tool works to move important ...
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Share files from Cloud Service in a Cisco Spark Room

Share files from Cloud Service in a Cisco Spark Room:

With CloudFuze and Cisco Spark Integration users can easily retrieve files from different cloud services to Cisco Spark Meeting Room ...
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Vinay Spark and CloudFuze