CloudFuze lets you access, share, migrate and govern any file located in 40+ consumer and business clouds from any device, with a single login.


About CloudFuze

CloudFuze lets you access, share, migrate, and govern any file located in 40+ consumer and business clouds from any device, with a single login.

X-Change is CloudFuze’s migration engine that allows users to migrate their data from one cloud storage or collaboration service to another. Dropbox to OneDrive, for instance.

X-Change supports both consumer (single-user) and business (multi-user) migrations.

CloudFuze Connect provides a unified cloud access and allows users to search, view, and share their files saved across multiple cloud accounts.

Pretty much anyone who uses cloud storage can use CloudFuze for data transfer or file sharing between clouds. The app is ideal for both consumer and business users.

No, CloudFuze is a paid service. However, we do provide a free trial for personal and business users to test drive the service

Account and Signing in

Click on “Free Trial” button on the top right corner of the website. Enter your email, choose a password, and create an account. 

Click on “Login” button on the top right corner of the website. Enter your login credentials to sign in.  

Click on “Login” button and go to the login page. Reset your password using “Forgot Your Password” link. Enter your email ID to receive the password reset link.  

Yes, CloudFuze provides a 30-day free trial to test the service. 

Users who signed up for personal migration can migrate up to 10 files per day for 30 days. Business users can migrate up to a total 3 users and 6 GB of data during the trial period.  

Supported Cloud Services

CloudFuze all leading personal and public cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, SharePoint Online, etc. Visit our Connectors page to view a full list of supported clouds.

Personal clouds are primarily developed and marketed for consumer users. They are often single user based and don’t come with collaborative features.

Business clouds support multiple users and collaborative features. Office 365, Dropbox for Business, Box Enterprise, etc. are some of the notable business clouds.

Yes, CloudFuze supports on-premise to cloud migrations. Please get in touch with us to know more about it.

CloudFuze’s development team works round the clock to ensure support to as many clouds as possible. We support over 40+ personal, business, and enterprise cloud services. Please let us know your migration need (source and target clouds) and we will let you know if we can help you.

Content Migration

  • Create a CloudFuze account 
  • Add and authenticate your source cloud 
  • Add and authenticate your destination cloud 
  • Choose the content you wish to migrate (a specific fie, folder, or entire daa) 
  • Start the migration  
  • Get an email alter once it’s completed.  

For detailed instructions on how to add and authorize clouds, please refer to this Dropbox to OneDrive migration article. 

CloudFuze can migrate terabytes, if not, petabytes of data. The amount of data you can transfer depends on the plan you are currently in. In case of a business migration, you would receive a quote from us before the initiation of migration.

Many factors influence the data transfer speeds ranging from data size, folder structure, and throttling issues from cloud vendor side. Contact our support to get an accurate estimate of your migration timeline by sharing your source and target details.

Yes, you can migrate a specific file, folder, or a group of folders. In case of a business migration, you can transfer just one user, selected users, or all users.

No, CloudFuze doesn’t or will not delete data from source cloud post migration. What CloudFuze does is a mere copy-paste of content from cloud to another.


No, CloudFuze will not or can’t save your cloud passwords. We use OAuth protocal to access data from cloud storage accounts. Learn more about 0Auth.

No, CloudFuze can’t access your content. All CloudFuze can access is the metadata information for a file, using which we migrate it.

CloudFuze data centers are located in the United States.

You can read more about CloudFuze security here.


CloudFuze offers two different pricing models for personal users and business users. Personal users can pick one of the two plans, Lite and Pro, depending upon their data size and migration needs. Business users can pay a one-time fee or buy an annual license for recurring migrations.

Visit our pricing page for more information.

Your migration will come to a halt when you use up all of your allowed data transfer limit. Upgrade your plan or simply talk to our customer support team?

CloudFuze doesn’t offer refunds. However, there can be exceptions in some special cases.

CloudFuze uses Stripe for payment processing. Payments can be made using your credit card or Paypal.

Download the Invoice

Step 1: Please login to CloudFuze account. https://webapp.cloudfuze.com/pages/index.html

Step 2: Click on the user icon located in the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Choose My Account option from the dropdown.


Step 4: Click on the Billing Details

billing details

Step 5: Browse payment history in the table and click on the invoice next to the specific month.

download invoice

Please follow the below steps to cancel the subscription with  CloudFuze account.

Step 1: Please login to CloudFuze account. https://webapp.cloudfuze.com/pages/index.html

Step 2: Click on the user Icon at the top right side of the window

Step 3: Click on My Account tab from the dropdown


Step 4: Click on the Cancel Subscription link

cancel subscription