Streamlined Google Workspace Tenant Migrations

Streamline your organization’s move between Google Workspace tenants with CloudFuze as the migration partner. Migrate between drives, mailboxes, and more, in a hassle-free and secure way.

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Migrate Between Various Google Workspace Apps

CloudFuze enables your organization to migrate various between apps as part of moving from one Google Workspace tenant to another, including:

  • Google My Drive to Google My Drive
  • Google Shared Drives to Google Shared Drives
  • Gmail to Gmail
Complete Migration of email and content

Complete Migration of Content and Emails

With CloudFuze’s Google Workspace Tenant migration solutions, migrate content (files and folders) between Google My Drive and Google Shared Drives. Also, migrate emails, along with attachments, timestamps, calendar events, and more, between source and destination Gmail.

Keep Permissions and Metata Intact

CloudFuze makes it effortless for your team to retain permissions, external sharing, timestamps, email read/unread status, etc, when migrating content and emails between Google Workspace tenants.

Fully managed google workspace tenant migration

Fully Managed Google Workspace Tenant Migrations

Plan and perform your organization’s Google Workspace tenant migration in a professional and streamlined way with CloudFuze’s managed migration. With the availability of a dedicated migration team and a migration manager, you can streamline all the core processes of the migration, including scope of work planning, timeline finalization, commercials and legals streamlining, and more.

Highly Secure Google Workspace Tenant Migrations

With CloudFuze as the migration partner, your organization can secure every aspect of the Google Workspace tenant migration. Right from authenticating the clouds via OAuth 2.0 to performing the migration through API calls, you can maintain the highest level of security.

Highly secure google workspace tenant migration

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