Secure File Collaboration

(No matter where your files are stored)

Access, Share, Migrate, Collaborate and Govern any file from any device


Cloud File Transfer

Move any and every file between clouds with ease.

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Cloud File Collaboration

Share files with your friends and family from any cloud in record time.

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Cloud File Security

Protect your business and sensitive files with custom tools and permissions.

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Cloud File Transfer

Transfer files from any cloud to any cloud, as if they are local.

Maintain File Permissions

Transfer all files between clouds without loosing file sharing permissions.

MultiUser Transfers

Migrate any number of users and any size of files (upto petabytes in any cloud).

MultiCloud Access at once

Stop logging in and out of different cloud services and downloading/uploading files to transfer them.

Easy Transfers

Transfer files with ease as if all of your cloud storage accounts are one.

Connect over 40 cloud providers from one CloudFuze Platform

Cloud File Collaboration

Share & Collaborate with files from any cloud from any device or conversation

Many Clouds, One Platform

CloudFuze brings all your cloud accounts for effortless collaboration across clouds from one platform.

Secure File Sharing

Fully secure file sharing for more security with password protection, file expiration date, download count.

Messaging Apps Integration

For enterprise messaging apps, such as Cisco Spark or Slack, save time by finding and sharing files with your team.

Full Content Search

Use our intelligent file assistant (Fuzebot) to do a full content search across clouds as well as download and share files in seconds in a conversation.

People in industry leading companies trust CloudFuze

Cloud File Security

Bring all your clouds and accounts together for efficient security and control

Detailed Metrics

The dashboard displays quick stats on logins, downloads, file shares, devices, uploads, and migrations

Auditing & Reporting

Full auditing of file downloads, uploads, shares, device access and IP addresses for all users.

Control Cloud Access

Manage user clouds and enforce policies on who can access what clouds based on their role or group.

Prevent Data Leak

Control company messaging rooms and channels to ensure there is no data leak.

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