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CloudFuze adds Orange Cloud Storage Connector

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A Single Point of Management

Data is spread out over many cloud services and it’s getting hard to find what file is actually stored where, and even what files are secure. We need a single point of management

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Powerful & Secure Sharing

Our organization has more sensitive data in personal cloud file sharing services than we want, and we’re sure a lot of it is not secure. We need help protecting critical data.

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Simple Migrations

Moving files between cloud services is a nightmare of “one-at-a-time”, repetitive tasks. There has to be a better way!

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Almost 80% of managers in the Share the Cloud Security Report

are concerned about personal cloud storage services and the

risk they pose to data privacy and the potential for data leakage

Single Point of Access

 Log in to CloudFuze to access and manage all of your files across multiple storage clouds from one screen.

On-the-Go Management

Use your mobile device to access CloudFuze whether you’re at home, at work, or traveling the country.

Secure Personal Files

Protect all your assets- from family photos, to employee information, to financial statistics for your business.

“CloudFuze gave us the ability to stop data leakage from our end user’s

consumer cloud storage accounts……..”

“Finally the solution I was looking for! CloudFuze. I found it really stable

and easy to use. I’ve been wanting to integrate all my cloud accounts”

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