Slack to Teams Migration Guide for IT Admins 

If you are an IT admin or manager exploring ways to migrate Slack to Teams, you are in the right place! CloudFuze helps companies around the world migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams quickly and securely. CloudFuze’s Slack to Teams migration tool is designed to automate the entire chat migration process, getting rid of rudimentary methods and ultimately saving time and money. 

CloudFuze migrates Slack channels and direct messages keeping the message version history intact.

Prerequisites for Slack Migration to Teams

  • Slack admin login credentials
  • Microsoft 365 (Office 365) admin login credentials
  • A CloudFuze account 

Please reach out to our migration team for a quote or to request a trial.

  1. Create a CloudFuze Account

    Go to and create a CloudFuze account. CloudFuze offers a limited 30-day trial account for users who want to test the service.

    IT administrators can reach out to our migration team for a live demo or quote.

    Slack to Microsoft Teams Migration

  2. Add Your Slack Account to Cloudfuze

    Locate the Slack logo in the business clouds list and click on it. A popup will appear where you need to enter Slack account details.

    Add Slack Cloud

  3. Enter Slack Login Credentials

    Enter your company’s Slack login details and click on the Sign-in button.

    Enter Slack credentials

  4. Provide Access to CloudFuze

    Click on the Allow button to provide access to CloudFuze.

    Permissions to access

  5. Add Microsoft Teams to CloudFuze

    Click on the Microsoft Teams logo that you can see in the business clouds list.

    Locate Teams Cloud

  6. Authorize Microsoft Teams

    Click on the Accept button to complete the authorization process.

    Authirize MicrosoftTeams

  7. Verify Whether Slacks and Teams Are Added

    Click on the Clouds tab and go to the Manage Clouds tab. If successfully added, both Microsoft Teams and Slack accounts will be displayed there.

    Slacks and Teams Are Added

  8. Click on the Slack Migration Tab

    Click on the Slack migration tab in the navigational menu on the left and click on it.

    Click on Slack Migration tab

  9. Select Source and Destination

    Since it is a Slack to Microsoft Teams migration, we need to select Slack as a source and Microsoft Teams as the target/destination.

    Pay attention to what you are choosing as a source and destination. The wrong choice will end up migrating Teams content (if any) to Slack.

    Select source and Destination

  10. Select Users to Migrate

    CloudFuze’s Slack to Microsoft Teams migration solution maps users automatically based on their email aliases.

    IT admins can still migrate users’ chats, channels, and workspaces to Teams irrespective of the auto-map list.

    Select users to Migrate

  11. Select Workspaces

    CloudFuze pulls and displays the list of all workspaces in your Slack account. Click on the Channels tab next to Users to view all of them.

    Check the Private Workspaces

    Now, click on the Private option to view all the Private workspaces in your Slack account.

    Slack to Microsoft Teams channel selection

  12. Slack to Microsoft Teams Migration Is in Process

    Go to Reports and check for the status of the migration. During the chat migration process, the status will be displayed as In Progress.

    Slack to Teams migration In-Progress

  13. Slack to Teams Migration Has Been Completed Successfully

    Once the migration is completed, the status will be changed to Processed from In Progress.

    Slack to Teams Mirgation Processed


Switching from Slack to Teams? Looking for a Slack to Teams migration expert?

Contact our migration team today to see and test our Slack to Microsoft Teams migration service in real-time.