Migrating Office 365 to Google Workspace For Business ROI

Migrating Office 365 to Google Workspace

Businesses look forward to investing in the best suite of applications that is beneficial in terms of productivity and pricing. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are robust and reliable and offer the best choice of productivity tools, making it very difficult to choose between them.

Both the cloud platforms provide a wide range of applications for email, word processing, video conferencing, instant messaging, calendar, etc., that help accomplish everyday business processes. However, there are a few differences that set them apart.

This blog describes why some organizations prefer to migrate Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace, which gives the best business ROI.

Ease of Use

Microsoft 365 apps are powerful and more sophisticated, with attractive features. But, one main difference that makes customers migrate from Office 365 to Google Workspace is that Google is easier to use with a simple interface.

For example, Google Docs automatically saves documents in the Drive even before naming the file and provides quick and easy access to it whenever required.

Also, a study by Harvard lists ease of use and efficiency as the main factors based on which companies shortlist the right collaboration tool for them. Going by these factors, Google Workspace surpasses Microsoft 365, even if it is a marginal difference.

Real-Time Collaboration

In today’s flexible work landscape, digital teams require better collaboration tools to deliver outstanding results. Also, the need for improved work cooperation among the team members, consultants, contractors, suppliers, and customers is only growing at an increased rate as opposed to earlier.

A comparison study between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace found that Google had a slightly higher impact on collaboration.

Nearly 84% of Google Workspace users reviewed and edited a document in real-time during a meeting, while only 69% of Microsoft 365 users could accomplish this.


On comparing entry-level plans, Microsoft 365 has the upper hand with 1TB of storage, while Google offers only 30 GB.

But if you level up to business plans in Google Workspace, it offers up to 5 TB ($18/user/month), which is highly beneficial for enterprises with large file storage requirements. Its counterpart Microsoft also offers a 5 TB plan but at a comparatively higher cost ($23/user/month).

For new startups and SMBs, higher storage at a lower cost is one of the prime reasons for them to migrate Office 365 to Google Workspace. It is also worthwhile for small businesses without resources like dedicated servers and hardware to support a collaborative environment.

Hence Google Drive wins over SharePoint Online regarding cloud storage in higher-end business plans.

Professional Email Accounts

With Google Workspace, businesses can now create free corporate email IDs based on your domain name. For example, smith@yourcompany.com. This functionality is beneficial for small companies where the employees can have their own professional email ids that could increase customer trust.

This free feature offered by Google is one of the reasons why small to medium businesses accelerate Office 365 to Google Workspace migration.

Location and Device Independence

With a worldwide remote work policy, business meetings and collaborations are no longer restricted within the office premises. People look forward to connecting from any device and location, increasing the need for flexible cloud platforms offering business applications.

Google Workspace has been the preferred choice of productivity tools that are location and device independent. The key advantage of using Google Workspace is the capability to move the data storage to the cloud servers. It makes seamless access from any device and location, allowing employees to participate in any meeting or work on a particular file on the go.

On the other hand, when your employees are using Microsoft 365 desktop applications, it gets saved locally. It is stored in the cloud only when you perform an extra manual step of saving the specific file to OneDrive. This manual synchronization between local and cloud storage in Microsoft results in Office 365 to Google Workspace migration by organizations.

NLP-Supported Search Functionality

Google Workspace offers a better NLP-supported search feature compared to Microsoft 365. Google’s NLP search enables you to access any information from within your Google Drive through search queries like ‘which file was last saved’? Or ‘who is Tim’s manager’? Or ‘What file was created in February?’ Etc.

This feature that allows quick access to information results in better and faster decision-making and saves time and effort spent on menial search tasks.

Though Microsoft 365 also offers intuitive search functionality, Google’s NLP is comparatively better and faster. It thereby influences enterprises to execute Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration.

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