How to Transfer Files from OneDrive for Business to Google Drive

Is your company planning to migrate its data from OneDrive for Business (Office 365) to Google Drive (Google Workspace/G Suite). If so, our platform can not only speed up the migration but also automate it, thus saving a lot of time and money. Continue reading this article to know more about CloudFuze and how it can help you transfer files from OneDrive for Business to Google Drive for business.

Step 1: Log in to CloudFuze or Create a CloudFuze Account

Go to and create an account. If you already have an account, log in using your credentials. 

CloudFuze offers a free and limited trial for IT admins to test the platform. If you prefer a live demo instead, contact our migration team


Step 2: Add OneDrive for Business Account

Click on the OneDrive for a Business logo in the business clouds list and enter the Office 365 admin login details. Please keep in mind that you must enter the admin login details for a successful migration. CloudFuze can’t migrate data without the admin login information.

Step 3:  Authorize OneDrive for Business Account

Click on the Accept button and provide needed access to CloudFuze. The platform requires these account permission in order to map users and data.

Step 4:  Add Google Workspace / G Suite Account/

Click on the G Suite logo in the business clouds list.

Locate GSuite

Step 5:  Enter Credentials 

Enter your company’s G Suite admin login credentials and click on the Next button.

Step 6: Provide Access

Click on the Allow button to provide needed access to CloudFuze.

GSuite Allow

Step 7:  Clouds Have Been Successfully Added

Go to the Clouds section of the web app by clicking on the Clouds icon.

Added clouds

Step 8: Click on Team Migration

Now, click on the Team Migration icon in the navigational menu on the left.

Team Migration

Step 9: Select Source and Destination Accounts

Choose OneDrive for Business as the source and Google Drive (G Suite) as the destination.

Source and Destination

Step 10:  Map Users in Clouds

CloudFuze has a feature called Auto-map that automatically detects the same users in the source and destination clouds and pairs them up for the migration.


Step 11: Select Users that You Want to Migrate

CloudFuze can migrate thousands of users. Choose the number of users you want to migrate.

Step 12:  Configure Permissions

CloudFuze, by default, migrates permissions exactly as they are in the OneDrive for Business account. If you want to make any changes to default permissions, you can change them here.

Step 13:  Migration Options

You can give the migration job a name and enter additional email IDs where you want to receive the notifications. The rest can be left to default.

Step 14: Preview the Migration

Check everything and click on the Start Migration once they look right.

Step 15: Migration in Progress

CloudFuze displays the status as “In-Progress” during the file transfer process. You can pause or cancel the migration during this phase.

Step 16:  Migration Has Been Completed

When all the files are migrated, the status will be changed as “Processed.”