Google Drive Migration

Google is the first one to offer spreadsheets online.Google Docs originated from two separate products, Writely and Google Spreadsheets. It is no wonder that more than 80% of the world uses Gmail and out of which more than 50% users use Google Drive or Gdrive.

Google Drive comes as web based and device based cloud file storage system. GDrive additionally comes with default Google Docs functions, which are highly useful when it comes to accessing and editing documents on the web. It is also easy to share documents and there are various collaborative features in GDrive.

Google drive offers 15GB free storage, which is adequate for regular large data users. Most ofthe knowledge workers, professionals and small businesses with a need to store good amount of data use Google Drive as their primary cloud file repository.

Not many services in the cloud storage market offer Google Docs type of functions and that’s why many users want to migrate all their data to Google Drive.

CloudFuze solution is highly used to migrate files from other cloud storage service to Google Drive. Using CloudFuze, users can simply sync their cloud accounts to CloudFuze and migrate all of their cloud files in 3 simple steps.

Below you can see individual guides to move files from other providers to Google Drive.

OneDrive to Google Drive Migration

Dropbox to Google Drive Migration


CloudFuze supports 40 different cloud storage services where you can migrate your data to Google Drive.

Not only the cloud storage users wanted to transfer their cloud data to Google Drive.It is also possible many cloud storage users would like to migrate their data from Google Drive to other cloud storage services, due to several reasons. CloudFuze also supports migration from Google Drive to these 40 different cloud storage services.

Below you can see individual guides to move files from Google Drive to other major providers.

Google Drive to OneDrive Migration

Google Drive to Dropbox Migration