Pre-Migration Analysis to Transfer From Box to Google Drive

Transfer From Box to Google Drive

It is challenging to migrate from Box to Google Drive and requires a checklist. Organizations often begin the data migration process without assessing critical considerations in a rush to transfer from Box to Google Drive, which may result in data loss.

So, before you begin the move, take the time to gain a deeper understanding of the process and the data your organization is planning to move. While the migration plan will be unique to your organization, here are the most common and basic steps for any business before starting the Box to Google Drive migration.

1. Determine the Data to be Migrated

The IT team must first identify all the users and data that need to be migrated. The number of users and data size majorly impact the migration timeline. And sometimes, you might want to map user data in the source to a different user in the destination. In such cases, making changes during or after the migration can be challenging.

Therefore, before starting the migration, list the users whose data is to be migrated and to whom it needs to be migrated. This way, the right people can access the data in the destination cloud after the migration, and your business-sensitive data will be safe.

CloudFuze offers the flexibility to map the user permissions between Box and Google Drive as required while setting up the migration.

2. Provision All the Users in the Destination Cloud

G Suite requires all users to log in to their Google Accounts at least once to migrate data from Box to Google Drive. So, check that everyone on your team has been provisioned before you begin the migration.

Before beginning the migration, CloudFuze verifies the database to confirm if all the users to be migrated are provisioned.

3. Finalize the Features to Migrate

Cloud storage services offer different features to work and collaborate on files effectively, such as permissions, version history, comments, timestamps, external shares, shared links, and embedded links. Also, a few features will be cloud-specific, where Box offers in-line comments and Box Notes which no other cloud supports.

So, when transferring from Box to Google Drive, it is essential to migrate data with all the features. This way, you ensure that your company data is entirely migrated without any data loss.

CloudFuze migration tool migrates Box Notes to Google Drive in a Word format, while also allows its customers option to choose the migration features.

4. Decide the Destination Path

You can access My Drive, and a parallel service called Shared drives in Google Drive. Before you move from Box to Google Drive, you must decide to which drive you want to migrate data. The choice depends on how your business data is used and shared.

My Drive is ideal for sharing files and folders with individuals or small groups, whereas Shared drives is ideal when you have data that belongs to specific projects, departments, or groups.

With CloudFuze by your side, you can migrate from Box to Google Shared drives or My Drive easily and securely.

5. Get Support for Your Migration Project

Moving data from Box to Google Drive using appropriate tools requires expert assistance, as it requires continuous monitoring and resolving technical errors immediately if any. And some organizations often seek outside help to support their cloud migration efforts, which adds additional cost to their project.

CloudFuze offers managed migration service along with its well-built data migration tool. The managed migration team at CloudFuze helps enterprises migrate to Google Drive, saving time and effort.

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