Simplify and Secure Your Move From Box to Google Drive With CloudFuze

Google Drive is a leader in cloud storage and building effective communication and collaboration among team members. In addition to integrating with the Google apps, such as Gmail, calendar, Meet, Hangouts, etc., it offers easy admin governance.

Data migration from Box to Google Drive is challenging, especially when you have to migrate hundreds to thousands of users with their data, versions, timestamps, embedded links, shared links, and external links. A migration tool like CloudFuze can assist in removing the complexity when you move from Box to Google Drive.

Box to Google Drive

Why Migrate From Box to Google Drive?

Box and Google Drive have established themselves as leading experts in business content management. Box has been a popular online storage and collaboration tool, initially created to take on Box and Google Drive. But the emergence of collaborative features with Google Drive makes it the best platform for businesses. As a complete communication and collaboration solution, Google Drive has a clear advantage over Box.

Why Choose CloudFuze for Your Box to Google Drive Migration

The CloudFuze data migration tool is ideal for enterprise and mission-critical data migration projects. Our experts can migrate data seamlessly while ensuring no disruption to business operations. We always adhere to strict compliance standards and data privacy policies when it comes to security.
The following are some reasons to pick our data migration tool:

  • Easy-to-use
  • The experienced data migration team
  • Automatically maps the data
  • Migrates TBs/PBs of data with no downtime
  • Proven process and methodologies
  • Track record of successful data migration projects
  • Flexibility to run migrations either on CloudFuze SaaS servers or dedicated servers or install CloudFuze on your own data centers
  • 24/7 migration support
  • 100% customer satisfaction on past projects
  • No surprise costs

Key Features

Migration Features CloudFuze Competitors
One-time migration Yes Yes
Delta Migration yes yes
Root folder permissions yes yes
Sub-folder permissions yes yes
Root file permissions yes yes
Versions yes No
Selective Versions yes No
Timestamps yes yes
External Links yes yes
Shared Links yes yes
Comments yes No
Long Folder Path yes No
Special Character Replacement yes No
Embedded Links yes No
Special Character Replacement yes No
Comparison Delta yes No

CloudFuze data migration tool gives you fast, effective, and secure migration solutions that are designed to meet your business objectives.

Watch our demo video to see how our data migration tool transfers all files from Box to Google Drive with all the features.

Steps to Move Files From Box to Google Drive

Follow the steps below to migrate from Box to Google Drive, overcoming the challenges and ensuring zero data loss and downtime.

Step 1: Contact our migration team and set up CloudFuze credentials.
cloudfuze login

Step 2: Add your Box and Google Drive account to CloudFuze.
Gsuite cloud to box cloud

Step 3: On successfully adding clouds, choose the source (Box) and destination (Google Drive) cloud accounts.
source (Box) and destination (Google Drive)

Step 4: Map the users appropriately using either Auto-Map or CSV file upload.
CSV Mapping

Step 5: Choose migration options of your choice

Step 6: Preview and start migration

Step 7: Once the status of the migration changes to Completed, it is marked as done.
box to google drive processed


You can effortlessly and securely migrate your files from Box to Google Drive with the CloudFuze migration tool. It is easy to use and can quickly move TBs/PBs of data.

Moreover, the migration requirements differ from business to business. It is, therefore, necessary to partner with a migration company offering customized services. Our data migration experts offer custom data migration solutions to help you move data seamlessly from Box to Google Drive.

Contact our migration experts to customize your Box to Google Drive migration based on your business needs.

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