Fast and Secure Whiteboard Migrations to Miro

Migrate collaborative content from your organization’s current whiteboard to Miro in a fast and secure way with CloudFuze. Ensure accurate migration of boards, widgets, permissions, files, and more to retain the source whiteboard’s collaboration structure in Miro.

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Solutions to Migrate Whiteboards to Miro

CloudFuze offers industry-leading solutions for businesses to migrate whiteboards to Miro and ensure proper replication of the existing visual collaboration structure.

Comprehensive Migration of Collaborative Content

With CloudFuze, migrating all types of collaborative content and data of your organization’s current whiteboard, including boards texts, pages, images, widgets, connectors, layers, sticky notes, etc, to Miro becomes a seamless process.

Migrate to Miro From the Leading Whiteboards

CloudFuze supports migration to Miro from some of the leading whiteboard platforms, including:

  • Mural to Miro
  • Lucid to Miro

Preservation of All Types of Permissions

Transferring permissions when migrating to Miro is integral to retaining the collaboration among the internal collaborators post-migration. CloudFuze helps transfer sharing permissions to Miro from Mural and Lucid by replicating and/or matching the source whiteboard permissions to the relevant available permissions in Miro.

Preservation of All Types of Permissions 

Fully Managed Whiteboard Migrations

Steer clear of the complexities involved in migrating whiteboard collaborative content/data with CloudFuze’s managed migration. Get expert assistance in planning and performing the migration through a dedicated migration manager along with a team.

Highly Secure Whiteboard Migrations to Miro

CloudFuze enables your organization to perform highly secure whiteboard migrations to Miro with standardized processes, such as OAuth 2.0 for secure cloud authentication, sanitization of the servers to be used, API calls for data transfer, and RSA 2048 encryption during data transfer. CloudFuze also complies with SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, and ISO 27001 standards.

Highly secured whiteboard migration to miro

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