5 Box to Google Drive Migration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Today, most businesses using Box are switching to Google Drive to save costs and improve work efficiency and productivity. Google Drive is included with Google Workspace, which offers different productivity apps for businesses of all sizes for one subscription and allows you to create, work, access, upload, and share your files from anywhere you use Google Workspace.

If you are among such companies looking to switch your business cloud storage from Box to Google Drive, you should first know the challenges on your path to Box to Google Drive migration.

You can also check the step-by-step process to migrate your Box files to Google Drive successfully. We understand how busy you are as an IT admin of a company and don’t have time to read more and more. So, we have created a team of industry-leading migration experts who will always be available and ready to help you out with your Box to Google Drive migration-related questions and suggest you the right approach. Contact experts and find the best way to migrate files from Box to Google Drive, dealing with the challenges.

5 Box to Google Drive Migration Challenges

1. Migrating File Attributes

Migrating files from Box to Google Drive is easy but migrating the other features associated with files like versions, permissions (external and internal sharing permissions), comments, embedded links, and timestamps is challenging for any business and can’t be migrated through the manual migration process.


Choosing a third-party tool like CloudFuze can help you to migrate the versions, permissions (external and internal sharing permissions), comments, embedded links, and timestamps of all the files from Box to Google Drive successfully.

2. Nested Folder Limitation

A folder in Google Drive supports up to 20 levels of nested folders. If in case, your box account has any of the folders with more than 20 levels of nested folders, it won’t get migrated to Google Drive, which results in data loss.


To solve the limitation set by Google to the users, CloudFuze experts have developed a feature that migrates your nested folders beyond the 20th level. So, migrating using the CloudFuze tool creates a link with “Long File Name” in the 20th folder, opening the 21st nested folder.

3. Matching the File Permissions

Box and Google Drive are two different cloud storage platforms, and they differ in their user interface, file storage space, and many other features. Similarly, file permissions are completely different in Google Drive from that of Box, and matching it while migrating files is a challenging task for IT admins.


While migrating the data, CloudFuze matches the file permissions of Box with Google Drive, as shown in the table below.

Box Permissions Google Drive Permissions
Co-owner Editor
Editor Editor
Viewer Viewer
Previewer uploader Viewer
Previewer Viewer
Uploader Viewer
Viewer uploader Editor
Owner Owner

4. Risk of Downtime 

Downtime is a significant risk when transferring data from one cloud to another. It can be caused due to network connection failures, transferring huge data files, etc. Any downtime caused during the migration results in data loss which is hard to retrieve.


Choose an experienced migration service partner that assures and ensures that your migration will be fast and eliminate the risks of downtime and data loss. CloudFuze has a proven track record in dealing with large sets of data migration with zero downtime and data loss. But Google Drive allows users to upload only 750 GB of data per day per user. As Google sets the limit, CloudFuze processes the data to be migrated and carries out the migration the next day automatically once the data limit, i.e., 750 GB, is reached.

5. Security  

If you decide to move your company’s data to the cloud, there are several security risks that you might face. Some tools/applications that you choose to transfer your data quickly and easily might steal your valid admin credentials and your employees, which puts your business-sensitive data at risk.


Data is one of the most valuable assets for any business, and its IT admins responsibility to remain it protected. CloudFuze never asks to share any of your credentials to migrate your files from Box to Google Drive. The migration is done through secured delegated access using OAuth protocol and uses RESTful API platform for enhanced migration speed and performance.

Besides, CloudFuze is a partner of both Box and Google, proving its expertise in dealing with complex migrations between Box and Google Drive. For more details, check the security measures taken by the CloudFuze platform for your Box to Google Drive migration.


Moving data from one cloud to another is not just challenging but also a way to improve the flexibility and agility of your existing business operations. CloudFuze can help you develop and implement a cloud migration strategy that meets your demands and makes the most significant in terms of your business goals. Our migration experts customize your migration plan and process based on your requirements. Book a free demo session with one of our cloud migration specialists today to learn how CloudFuze can help you migrate from Box to Google Drive safer, faster, and accurate.

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