Thinking about how to transfer files from Box to Google Drive (Google Workspace/Formerly G Suite)? The article discusses everything about Box to Google Drive migration to help IT admins and managers trying to migrate from Box to Google Drive.

1. Introduction

The transfer of Box files to Google Drive has never been straightforward for IT professionals. The project becomes even more hectic and challenging for large companies and enterprises because of the sheer size of data and the number of users (employees or students).

CloudFuze is an industry-leading cloud migration service that helps large companies and enterprises migrate Box to Google Drive. Besides transferring sharing permissions and versions, CloudFuze’s Box to Google Drive migration tool will also migrate comments, embedded links, external links, shared links, and custom Box features, such as Box Notes, to Google Drive.

This article will walk you through the easy steps to transfer files from Box to Google Drive without any data loss.

2. Box vs Google Drive

Box and Google Drive provide an easy-to-use platform for storing and sharing your files. Both services offer a lot of common features, such as:

  • File and folder access to device and location
  • Permissions management and external sharing
  • Real-time collaboration across a wide range of file types
  • Storage of all data safely in one consolidated place

Even though both cloud storage services seem similar, they differ in many other ways. For example, Box is a standalone platform, while Google Drive is a part of the Google Workspace cloud suite and integrates with all of Google’s apps by default.

Businesses planning for a change and considering a corporate undertaking to transfer Box to Google Drive have several migration use cases in common, such as simplifying multiple fee structures and improve productivity at the end-user and company-wide levels.

3. Why Migrate to Google Drive from Box

Businesses across the globe are increasingly migrating to Google Drive. A switch to Google Drive from Box can help you improve productivity, reduce costs, and streamline business processes. However, the transfer from Box to Google Drive can be challenging for IT, admins, and managers.

Watch the video below to learn how to move files from Box to Google Drive account by following simple steps.

Request a demo and learn how you can migrate data from Box to Google Drive with permissions intact using CloudFuze.

4. Key Areas to Focus on When Migrating from Box to Google Drive

When planning to copy files from Box to Google Drive, there are many things to consider.

  1. The cost and time to switch to Google Drive from Box depend on the number of users and the amount of data to be migrated.
  2. Migrating complex file sharing and access permissions is crucial for businesses.
  3. Understanding how the data is organized in the destination cloud (Google Drive), etc.

Migrate to Google Drive from Box

5. CloudFuze vs. Competitor Migration Features Comparison

Compared to other tools in the market, CloudFuze thoroughly handholds IT teams to move Box files to Google Drive to ensure a complete migration success.

There are more benefits from CloudFuze that help businesses transfer from Box to Google Drive with a strategic approach that ensures all business goals are met with the migration project.

Features CloudFuze Competitors
One-time migration Yes Yes
Delta migration Yes Yes
Root folder Permissions migration Yes Yes
Root file Permissions migration Yes Yes
Sub-folder permissions migration Yes Yes
External Shares migration Yes Yes
Shared Links migration Yes Yes
Version history migration Yes No
Selective versions migration Yes No
Metadata migration Yes Yes
In-line comment migration yes No
Long-file name conversion Yes Yes
Special characters conversion Yes Yes
Long folder path Yes No
Special character replacement Yes No
Suppressing Email Notification yes No
Comparison Delta Yes No

CloudFuze, a Google Migration Partner, worked with many of the world’s largest corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations and helped them to migrate Box files to Google Drive swiftly and securely. Read our Discovery case study here.

Case Study

6. How CloudFuze Migrates Permissions from Box to Google Drive

The permissions transfer takes place as and when IT teams migrate content from Box to Google Drive. The following table shows how CloudFuze converts Box Permissions and migrates them to Google Drive.  

Box permissions Google Drive permissions after migration
Co-Owner Edit
Editor Edit
Viewer uploader Edit
previewer uploader View
Viewer View
Previewer View
Uploader View

7. Prerequisites to Migrate from Box to Google Drive

You must have the following prerequisites to copy Box files to Google Drive using the CloudFuze migration tool:

  • Box admin login credentials
  • Google Workspace (G Suite) admin login credentials
  • A CloudFuze account

CloudFuze removes complexities and makes it straightforward for businesses and their IT teams to migrate Box to Google Drive. This helps decision-makers align their business goals with the migration project and achieve desired outcomes post-migration.

This section offers an overview of the steps to transfer data from Box to Google Drive using the CloudFuze migration webapp. However, in real-case scenarios, our migration team will handhold IT teams throughout the migration process to ensure no loopholes are missed.

Step 1: Sign in to the CloudFuze Account

Our migration team will set you up for a trial to test the platform’s capabilities to transfer Box to Google Drive. If you have more files to copy from Box to Google Drive, we recommend reaching out to our migration team for a custom enterprise trial.

CloudFuze Login

Step 2: Add Your Box Account to CloudFuze

Locate the Box logo under the list of business clouds and click on it. Since it is a business migration, don’t add clouds listed under the personal category.

Enter your Box admin login credentials in the popup and click on the Authorize button.

Adding Box Account

Step 3: Now, Add and Authorize the Google Drive Account

Click on the Google Drive logo in the Business Clouds list, enter the Google Drive admin login credential, and complete the authorization process.

Adding Google Drive Account

 Step 4: Verify Whether Clouds Were Added Successfully

Head to the Clouds section in the left navigation menu. Upon successfully adding Box and Google Drive, you should be able to see both accounts under the Manage Clouds tab.

Added Box to Google Drive

Step 5: Click on Team Migration

Click on the Team Migration icon to initiate the first step to copy Box data to Google Drive. Please note that you still need to configure a few options before the file transfer begins.

Click on box to Google Drive Team Migration

Step 6: Choose The Source and Destination Cloud Accounts

Choose Box as the source and Google Drive as the destination cloud to transfer Box files to Google Drive.

Box to Google Drive SOurce and Destination clouds

Step 7: Choose Mapping Options

CloudFuze has a powerful mapping tool called Auto-Map that automatically maps Box and Google Drive users based on the email alias. The function can map a high volume of users to transfer from Box to Google Drive.

In cases where Auto-Map can’t be used, the manual or CSV method comes into the picture.

Auto Mapping for Box to Google Drive

Step 8: Upload the CSV file

Upload the CSV file to the CloudFuze webapp and allow it to be validated. If the CSV file format is correct, CloudFuze returns a success message and prepares your selected users for the migration.

UPload CSV file for Box to Google Drive

Step 9: Check the CSV Validation

Download the CSV file and check whether CloudFuze validated them successfully. If validated, click on the Next button to start the migration.

Wait and check for the CloudFuze webapp to pull data from the CSV file and validate. Upon successful completion, click on the Next button to proceed to the next step of Box to Google Drive file transfer.

Download CSV file For Box to Google Drive

Step 10: Choose Migration Options

Name your migration project and specify other preferences based on your migration needs. Click on the Next button once you select the migration options.

Configuring Migration Options

Step 11: Preview and Start the Migration

Check if all parameters are set correctly and click on the Start Migration button. This step will initiate the actual Box to Google Drive migration.

Previewing the Migration

Step 12: Check the Migration Status

CloudFuze displays the ‘In-Progress’ status for users and data sets that are currently in the migration process. The ‘Completed’ status indicated that all the processes to move Box data to Google Drive are completed.

Box to Google Drive Migration Status

Step 13: Download the Migration Report

Click on the Download button seen in the migration status row to access the migration report that contains the information of all the files and folders moved. You or your team can use it for auditing the transferred content.

Downloading the Migration Report

8. Box to Google Drive Migration FAQ

1. How to transfer files from Box to Google Drive in bulk with permissions?

With CloudFuze, IT teams can avoid the manual approach and transfer bulk files and folders while retaining root as well as inner-level sharing permissions accurately.

2. How to move files from Box to Google Drive along with Box Notes?

Since Box Notes are exclusive to the Box cloud, IT teams must use a migration tool like CloudFuze to transfer them in the format that Google Drive supports. CloudFuze migrates Box Notes files to Google Drive in the .docx format while preserving permissions, timestamps, in-line comments, text features, and more.

3. How to transfer Box data to Google Drive without downtime?

Setting up a proper migration infrastructure is the first step to lowering the risk of downtime. Another crucial step is to perform the migration in phases by segregating users and data into several batches. This approach helps lower the risk of API throttling, which ultimately minimizes downtime risks.

4. What is the best approach to copy Box to Google Drive in a cost-effective way?

Using a migration tool with a SaaS model, such as CloudFuze, helps businesses and their IT teams plan and migrate Box to Google Drive in a cost-effective way. The benefits of SaaS migration tools, such as tailored pricing and readily available migration infrastructure, help businesses optimize their spending on migration projects.

5. How do you switch to Google Drive from Box with complete accuracy?

IT teams can rely on a precision-focused migration tool like CloudFuze to ensure a comprehensive replication of their Box cloud environment in Google Drive.

6. How Long Does it Take to Copy Box Files to Google Drive?

The time it takes to copy Box files to Google Drive varies based on several factors such as data size, number of users, number of files and folders, folder structure complexity, etc. The larger the data in the source cloud, the more time it takes to migrate to the destination cloud. However, using a dedicated migration tool like CloudFuze can accelerate the migration process by efficiently handling massive volumes of data.

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