Egnyte vs SharePoint: 2023 Comparison For Businesses

Egnyte vs SharePoint

Are you at a crossroads in deciding which platform to choose – Egnyte or SharePoint Online? This comparison guide gives you a clear idea of the various features of these two platforms – SharePoint Online vs Egnyte and helps you determine the best option for your business needs.
Egnyte is a collaborative enterprise file-sharing tool and business cloud storage platform. It is used to access, share, and collaborate on files with multiple users.
SharePoint Online is Microsoft’s web-based cloud content management platform. It is used to build portals or websites with access to cloud storage where you can organize, share, or work concurrently with different users.

1. Egnyte vs Sharepoint: Pricing and Storage

Egnyte is a single service with straightforward pricing plans – Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise lite starting at $20/user/month. It also offers a free trial to test the waters before adopting this platform.

The SharePoint pricing plan starts with the least option of having OneDrive storage and the maximum offering with the entire suite of Microsoft 365.

Cloud Plan Price/user/month Storage
Egnyte Business $20 1TB + 10GB/user
Enterprise Custom quote Custom storage
Enterprise Lite Custom quote Custom storage
SharePoint Online SharePoint Online Plan 1 $5 1TB
SharePoint Online Plan 2 $10 Initially 1TB that can be increased up to 25TB/user.
Office 365 E3 $23 Initially 1TB that can be increased up to 25TB/user.

Based on the comparison, SharePoint pricing is more affordable and beneficial based on the list of features and powerful Office 365 applications that it offers.

2. Egnyte vs SharePoint: Apps Integration

To have a seamless flow of work and content management, you require an excellent app integration with the file sharing and storage systems. It helps get a unified experience for users.

Egnyte can connect with apps like Google Workspace, Slack, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, AWS, DocuSign, etc.

SharePoint Online integrates deeply with Microsoft 365 applications and a wide range of third-party apps. This SharePoint Online feature is one of the key drivers for global businesses to migrate to Microsoft 365.
Here both Sharepoint online and Egnyte offer almost similar functionalities concerning app integration.

3. Egnyte vs Sharepoint: Content Sharing and Collaboration

Egnyte allows sharing files and folders through shared links to people without permissions and direct links to people who already have access. You can also set passwords and expiration dates for your shared links.

SharePoint is an intranet enabling easy collaboration through file-sharing links across all apps. For example, you can share the files created in OneDrive using the SharePoint link through Teams or Outlook.

SharePoint wins in this area as it is much more than a simple file-sharing platform and serves to be an intranet and centralized storage for seamless collaboration.

4. Egnyte vs SharePoint: Customizability

Egnyte allows customization of the interface, custom layouts, branding, etc. It enables users to create custom apps and integrate them within the platform to meet specific business needs.

SharePoint also offers customization of automation, data access, and storage. However, deep customization requires technical complexities and a dedicated IT team’s efforts.

Therefore, SharePoint is a good option for businesses with a solid and competent IT team; Egnyte is the go-to choice for other cases.

5. Egnyte VS SharePoint: Security and Support

Both Egnyte and SharePoint provide enterprise-grade security. Check the encryption protocol for the cloud storage platforms – Egnyte and SharePoint.

Cloud Encryption
At Rest In Transit
Egnyte AES 256 SSL/TLS
SharePoint Online AES 256 SSL/TLS

Regarding the security features, SharePoint encrypts the entire disk through Microsoft’s BitLocker software. In Egnyte, the encryption is done on the server side and allows its users to manage their encryption keys. It is a significant advantage for highly sensitive information by allowing users to decrypt the files.

6. The Verdict

Egnyte and SharePoint are not precisely similar tools in functionality, as SharePoint is more than a file-sharing tool and part of the Microsoft 365 suite. But still, going with the points shared above, we can say SharePoint is suitable for most cases at an affordable cost compared to Egnyte’s pricing plan.

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