Egnyte to Google Shared Drives Migration Guide for IT Admin

Businesses that are planning to migrate their data from Egnyte to Google Shared Drives can avoid the manual work by using CloudFuze. CloudFuze is a cloud data migration tool that transfers files between leading cloud storage services including Egnyte and Google Shared Drives. Note that CloudFuze is one of the very few players on the market that has the capability to transfer files not just to Google Drive but also Google Shared Drives. In this article, you will learn how CloudFuze transfers files from Egnyte to Shared Drives.

  • Step 1: Create a CloudFuze Account

A CloudFuze account is needed for migration. CloudFuze provides a free limited trial on its website. Besides, we can also provide a custom enterprise trial upon request.

CloudFuze Webapp

  • Step 2: Add Egnyte Account

Locate the Egnyte logo listed under the business clouds. Click on it.

Locate Egnyte

  • Step 3: Authorize Your Company’s Egnyte Account

Upon clicking the Egnyte logo, a popup will appear where you need to enter your Egnyte’s login/access details. Once entered, click on the Allow Access button to complete the cloud-adding process.

Authorize Egnyte account

  • Step 4: Add Google Shared Drive Account

 Now, search for the Google Shared Drive logo and click on it. Then, enter admin login credentials of your G Suite account. Please note that Shared Drives will not have separate login information.

Locate Google shared drive

  • Step 5: Authorize Shared Drive/GSuite Account

Click on the allow the button to complete the cloud-adding process.

Authorize Shared Drive/GSuite Account

  • Step 6: Verify Cloud-Adding Process Success

Click on the Clouds icon in the left menu bar. Go to the Manage Clouds tab to check whether Egnyte and Shared Drive accounts are added there. If successfully authorized, both clouds should appear there.

Verify Cloud adding process

  • Step 7: Initiate the Egnyte to Google Shared Drives Migration

Click on the Team Migration icon to initiate the migration. Please keep in mind that you need to configure a few things before the actual migration begins. Therefore, clicking on the Team Migration button doesn’t start the migration right away.

Egnyte to Google Shared drive Team Migration

  • Step 8: Select Source and Destination Accounts

Select Egnyte as the source and Google Shared Drive account as the destination.

Select source and destination clouds

  • Step 9: Upload CSV File 

Egnyte to Google Shared Drive migration can only download by the CSV method. Create a list of users to be mapped in the source and destination in an excel sheet and upload it to CloudFuze. Note that CloudFuze’s migration team takes care of much of this work in a managed migration scenario. If you would like to see how the CSV works in real-time, request a demo.

Upload CSV

  • Step 10: Validate the CSV File

Download the CSV file and select the file and click on the Next button. If CSV format is correct, CloudFuze will validate it and prepares users for migration.

Validate CSV FIle

  • Step 11: Choose Your Preferences

Give the migration job a name so you can remember it easily. Enter any additional email address that you wish to receive notifications besides the one email that used to create the account.

Egnyte to Google Shared Drive Job Options

  • Step 12: Select Migration Options

Select job options, job type, and then click on the Start Migration button. Ideally, you would select the Job Type as a one-time.

Preview to Start Migration

  • Step 13: Egnyte to Google Shared Drives Migration Is in Progress

This status indicates that the migration is currently in progress. CloudFuze’s dedicated migration teams send daily in-depth details about the progress of migration via email for business users.

Egnyte to Google Shared Drive In Progress

  • Step 14: Egnyte to Google Shared Drives Migration Has Been Completed

Once the status appears Processed, it means that the migration has been completed successfully. CloudFuze provides a full migration report so you can assess and check the accuracy of the migration.

Egnyte to Google Shared Drives Migration Completed

CloudFuze provides a dedicated migration and technical support team for business users. In an ideal managed migration case scenario, much of the work will be handled by the CloudFuze’s team, providing IT managers and admins peace of mind.

Start Migration Now

CloudFuze supports more than 40 cloud Migration services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, and Box etc.