Cloud Office Migration Decision Points for MSPs

When assessing the cloud office migration needs of a diverse base of customers and exploring migration partners, managed service providers (MSPs) must put a lot of focus on the decision-making part. From exploring and choosing the right migration partner to reviewing service level agreements and security compliances, there are several key areas where your MSP organization cannot go wrong in making decisions.

Explore some of such key areas of migrations in this post that require strategic planning and decision-making for MSPs of all sizes worldwide. We have also shared some of the most impactful insights that we have gained over the years serving MSPs to help them create migration success stories for their customers.

1. Choosing a Migration Vendor with a Dedicated MSP Program

One of the primary and core areas where MSPs need to niche down upfront is when exploring and choosing a cloud office migration solutions provider. It is important that your team explores and partners with a migration provider like CloudFuze that has a dedicated MSP Partner Program.

MSP Program

With a dedicated MSP program, your organization can have access to MSP-specific benefits that augment your MSP business model while catering to the varied migration needs of your end-customers/clients. This way, your organization can stay profitable while ensuring the best results for the end-customers/clients.

2. Evaluating the Reselling Benefits that the Migration Vendor Offers

When exploring the MSP-specific benefits the migration vendor offers, check the available reselling benefits. One of the most important criteria to check is the profit margin that your MSP organization will get for each migration project. Depending on the margin, your teams may be able to accommodate either all or a specified number of cloud office migration requests from the customers in a specific time frame.

At CloudFuze, we offer volume discounts in our MSP Partner Program to enable MSPs to improve their revenue from the partnership. With volume discounts, MSPs of all sizes can leverage our industry-leading migration solutions that support more than 40 cloud platforms. MSPs also get strategic benefits from our technology partnerships with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

3. Will Your Organization or the Migration Vendor’s Team Manage the Migration?

Another mission-critical decision to make when planning cloud office migrations for your organization’s customers is to evaluate whether the migration vendor or your in-house team will manage the migrations. If your IT team has the know-how of performing business-grade cloud office migrations, then you can opt for a self-service model and train your IT team with the migration tool guides.

However, if you have an IT team inexperienced in migrations, it is best to have the migration vendor manage the entire migration project. This way, you can ensure complete migration success to your end-customers while securing their data during the cloud transition.

4. Assessment of the SLAs and Overall Security Offered

It is crucial to have clarity on each area of the migration project where the migration vendor will offer support to your organization as part of their standard offerings. Make sure that the vendor has dedicated point of contacts for:

  • Migration project management
  • Issue escalation
  • Infrastructure/back-end management
  • Change management

Also, check the security compliance of the migration vendor to understand whether they meet the security requirements of your end-customers. Standard security compliances, such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance are a must. Also, make sure that the vendor complies with GDPR when planning migrations for UK and Europe-based clients.

5. Evaluating the Scope of a Long-term Partnership

Lastly, it is crucial to make the right decision on whether to partner with the migration vendor for a long-term basis. In many cases, a long-term partnership is the most beneficial as your MSP organization can consistently outsource migrations to cater to all customer needs.

However, if your organization does not have regular customer data migration needs, then you may have to spend unnecessarily on the annual license of the migration tool. This way, your organization may not be able to make the most out of the MSP program.

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