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Pankaj Rai, at CloudFuze, constantly seeks to help IT admins/managers, business leaders, and decision-makers access insights critical to strategizing business data migrations and making informed decisions.

IT Admin Guide to Transfer Emails from Gmail to Gmail

Navigate through the complexities of transferring emails from Gmail to Gmail with CloudFuze. Our migration solution enables organizations of all sizes to migrate from one Gmail environment to another with complete accuracy and maximum security.

  • Migrate mailboxes
  • Migrate email attachments
  • Preserve timestamps
  • Migrate calendar events
  • Migrate calendar event attachments
  • Preserve calendar event timestamps

Amazon WorkDocs to SharePoint Online Migration Guide

Enable your organization to securely migrate Amazon WorkDocs to SharePoint Online with CloudFuze. With our content migration tool, X-Change, you can transfer entire users and their files and folders while accurately replicating their metadata and other properties.

  • Migrate root and sub-folder permissions
  • Migrate root and inner file permissions
  • Preserve file and folder timestamps
  • Migrate embedded links without breaking them
  • Preserve file versions
  • Suppress email notifications during the migration
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