SMB & Enterprise Migration Success Stories from CloudFuze

CloudFuze has emerged as a key player in facilitating successful cloud migrations for both SMBs and Enterprises. Its diverse features, such as scalability, efficient data transfer, customized approach, cost-effectiveness, and robust security measures, have resulted in meeting the objectives of the client’s cloud migration project.

CloudFuze showcases success stories through various case studies, demonstrating how different businesses have benefited from their migration services. These case studies often detail the challenges specific to the organization’s migration needs and how CloudFuze addressed those challenges.

A Glimpse into CloudFuze’s Migration Success Stories

CloudFuze stands out as the preferred choice for numerous businesses navigating the migration journey to platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and various other clouds. Renowned SMBs and enterprises across diverse industries such as IT, education, healthcare, etc., have benefited from CloudFuze’s expertise.

Here are a few success stories demonstrating the CloudFuze’s efficiency in aiding organizations during their migration to the cloud.

1. Litera- A software company to migrate Slack channels to Microsoft teams

Leveraging CloudFuze’s dedicated Slack to Teams migration tool, Litera successfully transferred all direct messages, channels, and associated features, including emojis, timestamps, replies, user mentions, and files, ensuring a comprehensive transition.

The successful execution of incremental changes ensured that the migration remained up to date, allowing for a smooth transition to the new environment without any disruptions for end users.

Security being paramount, CloudFuze ensured that the migration process was not only swift but also secure by implementing robust security measures.

This migration showcases how CloudFuze’s advanced capabilities can streamline the transition between collaboration platforms for businesses like Litera.

2. Opendoor- A real estate company to migrate to Google Workspace

Opendoor embarked on a significant transition to Google Workspace, entrusting CloudFuze with the crucial task of migrating thousands of users’ data from Dropbox to Google Drive. Significantly, the tool’s ability to seamlessly migrate specific files, such as Dropbox Paper to Google Drive in a supported format played a crucial role in ensuring migration success.

The strategic decision to employ CloudFuze’s managed migration service ensured a smooth end-to-end migration process for Opendoor, resulting in a successful transition without data loss.

This collaboration underscores the reliability and effectiveness of CloudFuze in facilitating complex data migrations for enterprises.

3. Michigan State University- An education institute to migrate to Microsoft 365

Michigan State University has strategically utilized CloudFuze, harnessing its capabilities to migrate on-premises data to Microsoft 365 seamlessly.

The university successfully transitioned by deploying CloudFuze on its servers while meeting all its objectives. The migration process, encompassing terabytes of data, was executed flawlessly, ensuring the transfer of critical elements such as permissions, internal and external shares, shared links, in-line file comments, and version history.

This successful collaboration highlights CloudFuze’s efficiency in handling large-scale data migration effectively, providing Michigan State University with streamlined and efficient data management within the Microsoft 365 environment.

Key Features Driving Success

Here are the key features of our migration products that drive success for organizations seeking seamless cloud office migrations.
Supports migration over 40+ cloud services

  • Migrates TB/PBs of data seamlessly without downtime and data loss
  • Migrates email systems and messages
  • Provides custom migration approach to suit diverse business needs
  • Migrates permissions, comments, versions, embedded links, shared links, and timestamps
  • Automatically compensates for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 limitations
  • Sends email notifications to the user for each file/folder migrated
  • Supports delta migration and comparison delta

Additional Features

Apart from the product features, we also provide businesses with several service-related perks that further make the migration journey smooth sailing for them.

  • Availability of a dedicated migration manager and a team for your migration project
  • Priority issue escalation and resolution for streamlining the migration process
  • Regular updates on the migration progress via scheduled meetings
  • Partner with CloudFuze today and embark on a seamless journey toward cloud office migration, ensuring a swift and efficient migration process!

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