MSP Pricing for Cloud Data Migrations from CloudFuze

MSP Pricing for Cloud Data Migrations from CloudFuze

Standard cloud data migration pricing does not work for MSPs looking forward to profitably outsourcing their customers’ migration needs. They must work with data migration costs that are feasible for their customers while ensuring reselling profit.

CloudFuze places equal priority on MSP pricing as it does to standard migration pricing. This post highlights the pros of CloudFuze’s data migration pricing curated for global MSPs of all sizes.

Feasible Pricing for End-Customers

It is only when the data migration cost is feasible for the end-customers that it becomes possible for MSPs to finalize the service agreement and sign the contract for the migration project. With CloudFuze as a strategic migration partner, MSPs of all sizes can ensure visibility in migration pricing for all their customers.

CloudFuze has a requirement-based pricing model that eliminates the obligation of a one-size-fits-all cost.

With this pricing model, MSPs can ensure that their customers pay only for their migration requirements, such as the number of user accounts to migrate, the total data size to move, and the features to transfer.

MSP migration pricing

Regardless of the migration combination, e.g., Box to OneDrive migration, MSPs can cater to the migration projects of all their customers with an attractive data migration tool cost.

Profitable Reselling Margin

It goes without saying that the most beneficial migration price quotes for MSPs are ones that include a good profit margin. And for a good margin, the pricing has to be strategic to create a win-win situation for both the migration vendor and the MSP.

Data migration reselling profit margin

CloudFuze offers volume discounts to MSPs through a dedicated MSP Partner Program. The volume discounts offer significant headroom MSPs of all sizes to introduce their service cost as their profit margin.

For example, if a customer’s Dropbox to Google Drive migration project has a price quote of USD $15,000; the MSP may forward the same pricing to the customer while receiving a USD $4000 discount as a margin from the migration vendor.

Annual Licensing Model

Since MSPs that cater to many customers need to cater to recurring migration projects, they benefit the best from annual migration tool licenses. Per-project tool licensing does not work as there is little to no scope for MSPs to include their margin in the data migration cost.

Since API usages and migration parameters vary with clouds, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, signing a new contract agreement of the migration tool for every new project becomes cumbersome.

With an annual tool license, MSPs can streamline all the customer data migration projects while benefiting from a good reselling margin.

Licensing Flexibility for Server Allocations

It is best for MSPs to work with migration tool licenses that include the flexibility to make changes to server allocations. The option of adding more servers or removing some enables MSPs to cater to customers’ cloud data migration projects of all sizes without taking new or separate tool licenses.
Allocating migration servers

With CloudFuze, MSPs can have the servers configured as per their customer’s migration project size. CloudFuze X-Change also offers the option to perform migration locally through on-prem deployment.

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