Move Dropbox Data to SharePoint With All Incremental Changes

When you plan to move Dropbox data to SharePoint Online, navigating the process can be complex. One of the important aspects of the data transfer is to ensure all the latest incremental changes in the source cloud get transferred to the destination.

This blog post describes the significance of executing an incremental or delta migration and what factors to consider.

Why Should Your Company Perform an Incremental Migration?

When companies execute a one-time migration to move Dropbox data to SharePoint Online, the employees might still continue to use the source cloud data. For example, in the case of sales transactions, organizations will need to access the data stored in the source cloud to maintain business continuity.

In order to capture these latest source cloud data changes and reflect them in the destination, you must execute an incremental migration. Incremental migration eliminates the need to transfer all the records whenever a change occurs at the source and saves the time and effort of the migration team.

What are the Factors to Consider to Move Dropbox Data to SharePoint With Incremental Changes?

Consider the following factors before performing an incremental migration when you move Dropbox data to SharePoint Online.

1. Choose the Optimal Migration Tool and Configure the Settings

Once your team identifies the need to perform incremental migration, you must choose an optimal migration tool with the features to support it. This is because it is time-consuming to compare every source record with the destination cloud and find whether users have inserted any new records or modified or deleted existing data.

Selecting the right migration tool will help overcome the challenges in manual incremental migration effectively. Once your team finalizes the migration tool, ensure you configure the appropriate settings to facilitate incremental migration.

2.Choose the Necessary Data Through Granular Selection

As the next step in executing delta or incremental migration when you move Dropbox data to SharePoint Online, choose the necessary data to migrate. Even in a delta migration, you can filter out the changes that are not needed by making a granular data selection. This will further reduce the migration time and quicken switching from Dropbox to SharePoint Online.

3. Conduct Post-Migration Validation

Just as in a regular one-time data transfer, conduct post-migration validation of delta migration.
With the help of a detailed migration report, your team can assess whether the incremental migration has been successful without any errors or not.

Executing a Dropbox to SharePoint migration with incremental changes is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It requires strategic planning and application of steps like data selection and post-migration validation to make it successful.

CloudFuze is a renowned cloud data migration tool capable of effortlessly performing incremental migration for 100% data replication from source to target. Its robust functionalities enable granular data selection and conduct a thorough post-migration evaluation with the help of migration reports. It also facilitates a POC migration to explore how the tool functions and understand its capabilities.

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