Challenges for Businesses to Switch to SharePoint From Dropbox

Switch to SharePoint From Dropbox

Is your organization all set to migrate data from Dropbox to SharePoint Online?

Chances are that you will most likely face challenges during the migration when you perform it manually or through self-service migration tools.

Identify and get past the roadblocks in SharePoint Online migration from Dropbox with the help of this blog post on how CloudFuze can address them.

Overcoming SharePoint Limitations

Migrating data to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business can be technically challenging due to several file/folder naming convention limitations by Microsoft 365. These limitations can complicate the process of migration with the following restrictions:

  • No support for file and file and folder names containing ~ “ # % & * : < > ? / \ { | }
  • No support for file and specific special characters in file and folder names like “ * : < > ? / \ |
  • Limits file/folder path length to 400 characters.

It is essential to keep these limitations in mind when you switch to SharePoint from Dropbox. However, with the help of CloudFuze, you can simplify the migration process and easily overcome these limitations.

By providing a managed migration service with automated solutions, CloudFuze helps businesses overcome the limitations of Microsoft 365 and save time and money.

CloudFuze X-Change includes built-in features that address common issues such as unsupported characters and long file paths. These features automatically replace unsupported characters with an underscore or a hyphen and alter unsupported file/folder names by adding an underscore. Additionally, they trim long file paths automatically to ensure a smooth and successful migration.

Migrating Data From Specific User Accounts

What happens during a business scenario that requires only specific user account data to be migrated from Dropbox to SharePoint Online? Your company might face issues in segregating the necessary data, which might be a serious roadblock to a successful migration.

CloudFuze lets you select user account data granularly through customized user mapping from Dropbox to SharePoint online. It achieves this through CSV file mapping and folder mapping features.

Speed up your migration from Dropbox to SharePoint Online with CloudFuze’s managed migration that helps choose only the desired data critical for your business processes.

Need for On-Premises Migration

Some industries like finance and healthcare necessitate businesses to comply with data security regulations and policies like GDPR. Businesses in such industries need to perform a highly secure migration where the user accounts are data are transferred through private servers instead of shared cloud servers.

So, when you switch to SharePoint from Dropbox, confirm whether your cloud data migration vendor offers on-premises migration features for maintaining data privacy.

CloudFuze provides businesses with the flexibility to deploy the migration tool into their on-prem infrastructure and perform the entire migration locally.

Migrating Incremental Changes

During the process of transferring data to SharePoint Online from Dropbox, end-users will continue using their files and folders in the source cloud (Dropbox). As a result, incremental changes build up over time which must be transferred to the destination (SharePoint Online) to ensure all the latest changes are reflected post-migration. For these changes to reflect in the target cloud, it is crucial to perform a delta migration.

Incremental or delta data migration is a strategy where you migrate only the changes made to the data since the last migration to the new system instead of migrating the entire dataset all at once.

CloudFuze’s Dropbox to SharePoint migration service can execute delta migration to update the incremental changes in the files during Dropbox to SharePoint Online migration.

Migrating File Features

When planning to migrate Dropbox files to SharePoint Online and ensure 100% replication, it is crucial to migrate the permissions, metadata, and other features linked to the user data. With CloudFuze, you can effortlessly transfer file features like

  • Embedded and external links
  • Timestamp
  • Version History
  • File/folder permissions
  • Folder structure

Migrating Dropbox Paper

As Dropbox Paper is exclusive to the Dropbox platform, migrating them to SharePoint Online can be a much-overlooked hurdle. How can you overcome this challenge of compatibility of the file type across the two different clouds – Dropbox and SharePoint Online?

CloudFuze has an in-built feature to convert Dropbox Paper files into ‘.DOCX’ format before migrating them to SharePoint Online. It removes the file type format inconsistencies and paves the way for a smooth migration.

Business-Specific Migration Customization

Some data scenarios require business-specific customizations when you migrate Dropbox files to SharePoint Online. Only by understanding the crux of the migration goal and identifying the business impact and performance requirements can a cloud data migration vendor meet the unique migration needs of a company.

CloudFuze offers organizations a holistic and customized migration solution by covering the end-to-end procedures involved through its managed migration service.

Your company’s decision to migrate Dropbox files to SharePoint Online can be a complex process with many challenges. But as a leading cloud data migration expert, we help resolve these issues and help you implement a seamless SharePoint Online migration.

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