Copy Dropbox Files to SharePoint and Ensure 100% Replication

Replicating Dropbox data in SharePoint

Whether your company is planning to migrate from Dropbox to SharePoint for cost savings, a merger or an acquisition, or other reasons, it is critical to ensure 100% replication of the source cloud users/data in the destination cloud.

Replicating the source cloud data structure in the destination helps maintain the collaboration between end users and their teams, ultimately improving overall productivity.

This brief guide explores the steps businesses can take to replicate Dropbox users and data in SharePoint Online.

1. Create the Exact User Accounts in Microsoft 365

One of the fundamental steps to replicate Dropbox structure in SharePoint Online is to create Microsoft 365 user accounts with the same names and email aliases as Dropbox user accounts. This way, it also becomes easy to map user accounts from Dropbox to SharePoint Online.

Mapping user accounts

Creating the same user accounts in Microsoft 365 helps the end users onboard Microsoft 365 and use SharePoint Online seamlessly.

2. Transfer Root and Inner Folder and File Sharing Permissions

Another needle mover for businesses to replicate Dropbox data structure in SharePoint Online is to transfer the sharing permissions of root and inner folders and files. However, transferring root as well as inner permissions is a challenge since it cannot be done manually.

Businesses must rely on a discrete migration tool, such as CloudFuze, to migrate the sharing permissions of all root and inner folders and files.

CloudFuze X-Change ensures complete replication of root and inner permissions to help businesses ease the transition to Microsoft 365 for the end-users.

3. Transfer Collaboration Features

Migrating collaboration features, such as shared links, external shares, version history, and timestamps, are integral to replicating the Dropbox collaboration structure in SharePoint Online. These features linked to user data play a critical role in ensuring seamless collaboration between end users and their teams.

Migrating data features

With CloudFuze, enterprises, SMBs, and MSPs can transfer all the features linked to Dropbox data with complete accuracy.

4. Transfer Dropbox Paper

It is crucial not to skip Dropbox Paper when migrating data from Dropbox to SharePoint. However, businesses can find it challenging to migrate Dropbox Paper files as there aren’t many solutions available in the market.

But with CloudFuze, it is possible. CloudFuze X-Change migrates Dropbox Paper files as .DOCX files in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Migrating Dropbox Paper to SharePoint Online

5. Retain the User Hierarchy and Folder Structure

Retaining the hierarchy of the user accounts and folder structures is critical to ensuring an accurate replication of the Dropbox environment in SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Migrating root and inner permissions is essential to retaining the hierarchy and folder structure.

Companies must check the migration reports to ensure permissions are migrated accurately, which, in turn, translates to the replication of user hierarchy and folder structure.

6. Perform Delta Migration and Comparison Delta

An important part of replicating the Dropbox environment in SharePoint Online is transferring the incremental changes to keep the migrated data updated with all the changes. Therefore, companies must perform one or more delta migration to migrate all the incremental changes from Dropbox to SharePoint.

Delta migration

It is also crucial for businesses to perform a comparison delta to compare source and destination clouds’ user accounts and data and identify if anything is missed. This step further helps ensure accurate replication of Dropbox in SharePoint Online.

Comparison delta

Replicate Your Company’s Dropbox Data in SharePoint Online

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