Migrate to Teams From Slack Before Slack Plan Expiration

Migrate to Teams From Slack Before Slack Plan Expiration

Many businesses that have planned to discontinue Slack after a particular time period become obliged to leave the environment and adopt another environment (e.g., Microsoft Teams) on time.

If your company’s Slack to Teams migration requirements fall under this use case category, your team must have a solid plan to complete the project in a fast-paced way while achieving all the migration goals.

This guide lists several action items that can help IT and other teams optimize the time it takes for the migration as much as possible.

1. Plan a Structured Migration Timeline

One of the best practices to make sure that your company’s Slack to Teams data transfer project does not face delays in migrating to Teams before Slack plan expiration is to plan a well-structured migration timeline.

Assign start and end dates for all major activities of the migration project, such as pre-migration analysis, migration of each batch, and delta migration.

Timeline for Slack to Teams migration

You can also include buffer time in the timeline before Slack license expiration to onboard all the users to Microsoft Teams and ensure effortless Microsoft 365 adoption.

2. Determine if All or Selective User Accounts Need To Be Migrated

As part of decommissioning Slack for cost-savings and ensuring better governance in Teams, your company must decide whether to migrate all or selective users. In many cases, businesses have a lot of user accounts in Slack that are not needed, such as:

  • Dummy user accounts
  • User accounts of ex-employees
  • Secondary accounts for market research usage
  • Test user accounts

It is best to skip user accounts that are no longer needed not just for cost savings but also to speed up the migration project completion.

Separating user accounts to migrate and skip

3. Finalizing Migration of All or Selective DMs

Similar to user accounts, it is important to take the call on whether to migrate all or selective DMs (direct messages). Migrating all Slack direct messages to Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly the best option. However, more DMs means more throughput workloads which translates to longer time requirements.

Your company may not necessarily have to migrate all Slack Direct Messages, as there may be DMs with ex-employee accounts and dummy accounts that are no longer needed.

With CloudFuze, companies of all sizes can take a granular approach in selecting DMs to migrate from Slack to Teams.

Here is an example of choosing DMs to migrate in CloudFuze X-Change:

Choosing Slack DMs to migrate in CloudFuze

You also get the option to get selective with Slack direct messages migration in the CSV mapping itself with CloudFuze as the migration partner.

Mapping Slack DMs in CSV

4. Having an Automatic Retry Functionality in Place

Remigrating conflicted data with a manual process (during the migration) is out of scope as it significantly increases the time it takes to complete the entire Slack to MS Teams transfer project. Therefore, having an automated process is a must to save time and ensure on-time completion with complete success.

CloudFuze has a built-in re-try mechanism that automatically remigrates conflicts without any manual intervention. The result? IT teams can save a significant amount of time and ensure quick completion of the migration project before Slack plan expiration.

CloudFuze re-try mechanism

5. Determine if Delta Migration Is Required for All or Selective Users

Migrating incremental changes of a large number of user accounts in Slack to Microsoft Teams can take a significant amount of time, which, in turn, can raise the risk of missing the Slack plan expiration deadline.

It is important to evaluate whether your company needs to perform delta migration for all or only selective user accounts.

CloudFuze delta migration

CloudFuze provides businesses’ IT teams with the option to migrate the incremental changes of either all or selective user accounts from Slack to MS Teams.

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