How To Migrate Direct Messages From Slack To Microsoft Teams

Slack Direct Messages to Teams

IT Admins owns the responsibility to migrate the data, and there are a few steps to follow to complete the Slack to Teams migration successfully. If you’ve decided to switch to Microsoft Teams, you’ll be able to migrate your data from Slack quickly. But you must note that the migration service you opt for will specify what you can and can’t migrate to Teams.

Before going for a Slack to Teams migration, check whether the migration tool meets the below requirements, and you can also check the things to be considered in a Slack to Teams migration service precisely here.

  • Are the direct messages (one-to-one & group chats) migrated?
  • Are the private and public channels migrated?
  • Are the files shared migrated with permissions?
  • Are all the features, such as emojis, @mentions, and timestamps, migrated?

In the market, not many perform all the above migrations. Few migrate only a part of data with limited features, and mostly, no tool migrates direct messages.
So, to facilitate IT Admins, CloudFuze has built an additional function to the tool that enables businesses to move direct messages from Slack to Teams.

If you don’t have time to read this article, you can check out this video showing CloudFuze migrate Slack direct messages to Teams.

Why Is It Important to Migrate Direct Messages From Slack?

Direct messages are an asset for any organization of any size, as most of the discussions, files, images, and screenshot shares happen between one-to-one and between a small group of people working together as a team.

Direct Message from Slack

Companies like you are looking for migration from Slack to Teams instead of starting with Teams from fresh because they shouldn’t lose the company’s key data. So, it is certain that there is no point in going for migration if the employees can’t see their one-to-one conversations when switched to a new collaboration platform.

Now, let us see how you can move direct messages from Slack to Teams without deleting them from the source, i.e., Slack.

Is Direct Messages Migration Possible From Slack to Teams?

Importing direct messages is not supported by Teams. So, you must choose a third-party tool/service that supports direct messages migration and should be hired for your Slack to Teams migration project.

A third-party tool helps you migrate the data in a few steps where only thorough monitoring is required. As stated earlier, not all the third-party services offer you Slack to Teams direct messages migration.

CloudFuze is a dedicated platform built exceptionally for migration operations. It enables moving all the Slack direct messages and public and private channel data of all the workspaces along with users, conversations, files, emojis, @mentions, and timestamps from Slack to Teams seamlessly.

How Does Cloudfuze Migrate Direct Messages From Slack to Teams?

The process of migrating direct messages from Slack to Teams by partnering with CloudFuze is simple, safe, and can be altered as per your needs. Then, let us see how CloudFuze meets all three points when it migrates Slack direct messages to the Teams chat section.

As shown in the screenshot below, direct messages migration is a simple 3-step process. To start with the migration process, all the users should be authenticated, both in the source users and destination users. By default, the admin account will be authenticated.

To send an authentication request to users, check the box before the email Id and click on the “Authenticate” button present on the top right.

Direct messages from Slack to Teams

Now, users will receive an email to authenticate their Slack account, as shown in the image below. A click on the “Authenticate” button in the email received will change the status on the CloudFuze tool to “Authenticated”.

slack authentication

By following the same process, users in the “Destination Users” tab also should be authenticated.

Slack to teams destiantion user

Teams authentication email is sent to the user as shown below, and the destination users will be authenticated once they authenticate themselves from the email received.

Teams authentication

In this way, CloudFuze ensures that each user’s data is safe and transferred securely.

Note: If any user is not authenticated either in source or destination, the data of a specific user will not be migrated to the destination, which means the user won’t be able to view their one-to-one chat in Teams.

Once all the users are authenticated, you should select the users you want to migrate under “Direct Messages.” The users are automatically mapped with their IDs here. You have the option to select specific users by checking the box before each Id or all at once by selecting the box before the “Source Chat Name”.

slack to teams direct messages

If there is any change in the destination email Id, then CloudFuze maps email IDs manually, which is done through CSV mapping, as shown in the image below. This way CloudFuze supports clients for any modifications needed during Slack direct messages migration.

slack to teams CSV

From the dropdown highlighted in the screenshot below, you can choose to migrate all the conversations or only one-to-one conversations or group conversations as per your requirements. Now, click on the “Start Migration” button to begin the migration process.

Slack to Teams Direct Messages Start migration

When the migration process starts, the status will be displayed as “In Progress”, as shown below.

slack to teams mirgation Inprogess

As shown below, the migration status will change to “Processed” once you migrate slack direct messages to Teams.

Slack to Teams Processed

Now, users can see all their direct messages, including chat, files, emojis, timestamps, and @mentions in the chat section by logging into Microsoft Teams and experiencing the same feel as Slack.

Let us look at the examples for each feature migrated, with the screenshots taken before the migration from Slack and after the migration from teams.

  • Files migrated from Slack direct messages to Teams

A file Mia shared with James in Slack one-to-one chat is migrated to Teams along with the timestamp. Continue to read on about the file’s migration from Slack to Teams with zero data loss.

Slack direct messages to Teams

Slack Workspace

slack to Teams chat messages

Microsoft Teams

  • @mentions migrated from Slack direct messages to Teams

In Slack, Mia-James one-to-one chat, Mia mentioned James is migrated to Teams along with the timestamp.

Slack Timestamps

Slack Workspace

Teams timestamps

Microsoft Teams

  • @emojis migrated from Slack direct messages to Teams 

An emoji in Slack Mia-James chat is migrated to Teams along with the timestamp.

migrated from Slack direct messages to Teams 

Slack Workspace

emoji teams mirgated

Microsoft Teams

How Cloudfuze Supports Slack to Teams Direct Messages Migration?

CloudFuze platform is built on cloud-native technology and is robust, and reliable, Our platform allows you to migrate data from Slack to teams at your convenience. All you need is the following prerequisites for migration with CloudFuze:

  • Slack admin login credentials
  • Microsoft 365 (Office 365) admin login credentials
  • A CloudFuze account

You might be worried if any error occurs during the migration process or while setting up the migration. CloudFuze understands all the concerns of IT admins and managers and created a migration team dedicated entirely to executing the migration process.

They help with the complete migration process, from logging into the CloudFuze platform to a successful migration. Along with the prerequisites mentioned above, the inputs needed from you are:

  • Data size to be migrated
  • Which users’ data is to be migrated?
  • Which channel data is to be migrated?
  • Any customizations required in selecting user IDs

Further, our migration experts will always be available for any post-migration support required. Without interrupting your daily work and your teams, you can easily migrate data from Slack to Teams.

Your job is just to monitor the migration process by partnering with CloudFuze. You will be updated on the migration status through emails of your choice and calls as per your preferred timings.

Read the Slack to Teams migration guide for IT Admins to know everything about the Slack to Teams migration process. Contact experts dealing with complex Slack to Teams migrations for organizations of all sizes across the globe and get a customized quote for yours.

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