Slack to Teams Delta Migration Solution for Your Enterprise Business

Slack to Teams Delta Migration

The time it takes to migrate from Slack to Teams depends on the number of users, channels, direct messages, etc. The larger your organization’s data, the more time it takes for Slack migration to Teams. It is critical to migrate updated content as well since users will continue to use Slack while migrating to Teams. The best way to transfer modified content from Slack to Teams is through a Slack to Teams delta migration.

A delta migration occurs after the main migration, just before switching from Slack to Teams. After successfully migrating all the direct messages and channels from Slack to Teams, you will be ready to begin using your new Microsoft Teams account.

Why is Delta Migration Important for Enterprise Businesses?

Businesses migrate data from Slack to Teams over starting fresh with Teams to avoid losing company data. So, businesses must migrate delta changes, especially large-scale organizations using Slack for a long time.

Delta Migration from slack to teams

Companies use delta migrations primarily to ensure that their data has been transferred and is up to date before users start working in the new Teams environment. To fulfill the customer demands, CloudFuze developed the Slack to Teams delta migration feature.

CloudFuze Delta Migration Solution

CloudFuze constantly analyses things from the customer’s perspective to give the best migration solution in the industry. Massive data file transfers might take a few weeks/months, depending on the data size.

CloudFuze Delta Migration Solution

During the migration process, many changes will happen in the source cloud, Slack, like sending/receiving new messages, files, etc., which may include key business information. In this case, for companies to help retrieve this data, which is incremental changes, our engineers have developed the “Delta Migration” feature.

What Data Does the CloudFuze Slack to Teams Migration Tool Migrates?

The CloudFuze Slack to Teams migration tool migrates the modified content during one-time migration, including the delta changes of direct messages and channels.

1. Delta migration for Slack direct messages to Teams

The limitation of importing Slack direct messages in Teams is a major challenge with the Slack to Teams migration. Although Slack’s direct messages and Team’s chats are similar, migrating them is complex.

Slack direct messages to Teams

But CloudFuze has successfully migrated Slack direct messages to Teams without losing data. The tool also supports migrating delta changes of Slack direct messages from Slack to Teams, including chat, emojis, timestamps, videos, replies, and @ments.

2. Delta migration for Slack channel to Microsoft Teams

Similarly, the CloudFuze migration tool supports delta sync for channels. While adding the Slack channel to Microsoft Teams, you can either migrate them as a team or sub-channel in Teams using CloudFuze.

Slack channel to Teams

CloudFuze migrates delta changes to specific teams and channels in Microsoft Teams based on the channel mapping during one-time migration.

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