How to Transfer Slack Connect Data to Microsoft Teams

Slack Connect Data to Microsoft Teams


Slack Connect is a feature that allows businesses of all sizes to use Slack connect and make working with people outside your company more seamless. It enables companies to securely exchange messages and files and create shared channels for collaboration.

Businesses planning to transfer from Slack to Microsoft Teams must preserve the external collaboration structure of Slack Connect in Microsoft Teams. Therefore, it is crucial to have a proper strategy and partner with the right migration service provider.

How To Migrate Data From Slack Connect to Microsoft Teams?

Since the Slack Connect environment eases the process of collaborating with external users, businesses must avoid losing external messages when adopting the Teams environment. Here is an overview of collaboration between internal and external users in a Slack Connect Public channel:

Slack Connect Public channel

With a business data migration tool like CloudFuze, your company can avoid losing external messages when migrating Slack Connect channels to Teams. CloudFuze migrates entire external messages and merges them under the admin’s Teams account.

Here is an example of merging external messages under the admin’s account.

Teams external messages

Slack Connect is a feature that allows users of different organizations to chat, share files, and use apps to communicate between workspaces and organizations. With CloudFuze, you can make the most out of your company’s Slack to Teams migration project by:

  • Migrating private and public channels
  • Moving slack files to Microsoft Teams
  • Migrating incremental changes

Always remember that messages from users will transfer to the same destinations. To send to a different destination, you must create a new name, reflecting the old user’s messages under the new name. So, usually, this gets automatically mapped.

What Does CloudFuze Do During the Migration?

CloudFuze is a data migration tool that helps users switch from Slack to Microsoft Teams, along with chats, emojis, channels, users, conversations,  files,  Slack Direct Messages, @mentions, and timestamps including entire data. The data migration tool includes several features to make the migration process as smooth and seamless as possible. CloudFuze can migrate data from Slack to Teams efficiently. It extracts data from Slack, transforms it into the required format, and loads it into teams. CloudFuze also provides a comprehensive data migration report to clients.

 How Do Businesses Get More Value With CloudFuze?

Businesses are always looking for more value from their technology investments. During Teams migration with CloudFuze, it offers some significant facilities to businesses:

Why Is Microsoft Teams a Great Alternative to Slack Connect?

Microsoft Teams combines chat, video calling, file sharing, and other features in one easy-to-use platform. Microsoft Teams is used to create a shared workspace where they can work on projects together, have conversations, and stay up-to-date on what’s happening. Microsoft Teams is an excellent alternative to Slack Connect because it offers a variety of features that Slack Connect does not. For example, Microsoft Teams provides a built-in audio and video calling feature. Microsoft Teams is more affordable than Slack Connect, so businesses planning for cost savings can migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams to meet their goals efficiently. The transition from Slack to Microsoft Teams has quickly become famous for businesses looking for a chat-based collaboration tool. There are several advantages if you are migrating data from Slack to Teams.

  • Teams provide a more robust chat platform than Slack Connect. Teams offer threaded conversations, video and audio calling, and file sharing, while Slack Connect only offers basic chat features.
  • Teams integrate more seamlessly with Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and SharePoint. This makes adopting Teams easier for businesses that already use Microsoft products.
  • Teams offer a richer set of features than Slack Connect. For example, Teams provides a built-in task manager and more robust security features, such as data loss prevention and multi-factor authentication.

Wrapping Up

If you, your IT team, or other stakeholders in your company want to learn more about Slack Connect to Teams migration with CloudFuze, get in touch with our migration team.

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