Perform Dropbox Migration to SharePoint for User Collaboration

When it comes to migrating from Dropbox to SharePoint Online as part of embracing the Microsoft 365 suite and improving user productivity, your IT team must address some specific areas of the migration planning process. Right from segregating the user batches to finalizing the shared data to migrate, it is crucial to align the migration to retain and even improve user collaboration in SharePoint Online post-migration.

These actionable insights can serve as a starting point for your IT team to strategize your organization’s Dropbox migration to SharePoint Online.

Segregate Shared Dropbox Data to Migrate to SharePoint Online

If your organization is planning a comprehensive migration from Dropbox to Microsoft 365, make sure to segregate shared Dropbox data to migrate to SharePoint Online. With this approach, it becomes hassle-free for your IT team to plan the migration of individual and unshared data from Dropbox to OneDrive for Business.

This segregation approach can also make it simple for your IT team to validate the migrated user accounts and their files and folders post-migration. It also becomes easier for the end-users to access their migrated shared data in SharePoint Online.

Map Dropbox Team Folders to Relevant SharePoint Online Sites

When planning Dropbox migration to SharePoint, also make sure to migrate all the important Dropbox Team folders to SharePoint Online. During this stage, it is important to create relevant Sites in SharePoint Online as per the Team folders in Dropbox and migrate accordingly.

This way, your IT team can ensure that the folder sharing permissions between the users remain intact after the migration in SharePoint Online. As a result, your organization can maintain smooth operations continuity in the Microsoft 365 cloud suite.

Retain the Dropbox User Roles in SharePoint Online

As part of retaining the user collaboration structure from Dropbox to SharePoint Online, make sure that the migration tool your organization chooses to use has the capability to accurately preserve the user roles to keep the sharing permissions intact.

Our content migration tool, X-Change, accurately preserves user roles and sharing hierarchy to avoid conflicts in file and folder access levels post-migration. Our tool will migrate Dropbox viewer roles as SharePoint viewer roles and Dropbox edit roles as SharePoint edit roles.

Dropbox Sharepoint
Can view Can view
Can edit Can edit

Preserve Permissions with External Collaborators

It is equally important to migrate external sharing permissions when planning Dropbox migration to SharePoint Online for improving user collaboration post-migration. Security is one of the most important areas to address when migrating external sharing permissions.

With our Dropbox to SharePoint Online migration tool, your IT team can securely preserve sharing permissions of external collaborators without making migration performance compromises. Get in touch with our migration team to learn more about the strategic benefits your organization can get from our industry-leading migration solutions.

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