Copy Files from Dropbox to SharePoint With External Permissions

Copy Files from Dropbox to SharePoint

There is no denying the fact that preserving the sharing permissions of internal users during a cloud storage migration is critical. It is equally important to retain sharing permissions for the external users to replicate the external sharing structure maintained in the source cloud.

Similarly, if your organization is in the process of migrating from Dropbox to SharePoint Online, it is highly important to preserve the external sharing permissions along with internal permissions.

Significance of External Permissions During Dropbox to SharePoint Online Migration

Check out why maintaining external sharing permissions is critical when you copy files and folders from Dropbox to SharePoint Online.

Uninterrupted External Collaborator Access

External collaborators, including clients, freelancers, contractors, etc., need continuous data access to share ideas, contribute suggestions, or grant approval to documents. If the migration disrupts their access to files/folders, it can create gaps in accomplishing certain tasks and lower the overall external collaboration productivity.

Business Continuity

By preserving the external collaboration structure, your team can maintain business continuity post-migration and eliminate the friction in adopting the destination cloud (SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 collectively).

How Can CloudFuze Help Preserve External Permissions?

Since external permissions retention is one of the core Dropbox to SharePoint Online migration features of CloudFuze, your organization can leverage CloudFuze X-Change to have all the external permissions accurately preserved in SharePoint Online.

Preserving External Permissions with Accuracy

With CloudFuze X-Change, your team can ensure accuracy in external permissions preservation. For example, you can ensure precise retention of the type of access (view or edit) your organization’s external collaborators have.

Handling Broken Links to Maintain External Permissions

Another factor to note when you copy Dropbox files to SharePoint is that files have different URLs corresponding to the source and the destination clouds. It can disrupt external collaboration when sharing files through URLs. If your team shares data with external users through URLs, you must ensure they are not broken links.

CloudFuze’s LinkEx is a dedicated tool that helps migrate Dropbox files to SharePoint Online without broken links. It appropriately changes the source file links to work perfectly in the destination with the same external permissions.

Core Benefits of Preserving External Permissions with CloudFuze

CloudFuze empowers organizations with its industry-leading feature for external permission migration. Here are some of the highlights of using CloudFuze X-Change for preserving external permissions.


With CloudFuze, your business can save hours of manual effort in sharing files with external stakeholders and focus on other core tasks.

Enhanced Security

Incorrect file permissions can lead to unauthorized file access, leaving sensitive business data prone to threats or data loss. CloudFuze helps companies overcome data security issues by granting permissions only to the correct users.

Expert Support

CloudFuze offers expert support to help you throughout the migration process. We guide you in granting external permissions and cross-verifying the source and destination environments to validate the access levels.

For more information on external permission sharing, reach out to our migration experts.

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