Copy Files from Dropbox to SharePoint With External Permissions

Copy Files from Dropbox to SharePoint

Is your company moving from your current Dropbox environment to SharePoint Online due to the range of benefits the latter offers? Or a specific business requirement? This transfer of digital assets to a different cloud can cause disruptions to data access for external users.

Hence, it is critical to take measures that help maintain external sharing of files/folders for uninterrupted collaboration and productivity.

Let us look at why external sharing is essential and an ideal solution that can help preserve external permissions when copying files from Dropbox to SharePoint Online.

Significance of External File/Folder Permissions During Dropbox to SharePoint Migration

Check out why maintaining external file/folder sharing is a significant step when you copy files from Dropbox to SharePoint Online.

Uninterrupted External Collaborator Access

External collaborators, including clients, freelancers, contractors, etc., need continuous data access to share ideas, contribute suggestions, or grant approval to documents. If moving from one cloud to another disrupts their access to files/folders, it can create gaps in accomplishing certain tasks. Granting external permissions during the migration can prevent these challenges and ensure seamless collaboration.

Business Continuity

Keeping the external permissions intact can reduce miscommunication gaps and disorder due to the lack of the right information at the right time. It further minimizes delays in accomplishing organizational goals while facilitating business continuity.

How Can CloudFuze Help Copy Files from Dropbox to SharePoint Online with External Shares?

CloudFuze is a leading cloud office migration tool with built-in features and functionalities supporting external file/folder sharing when you copy files from Dropbox to SharePoint Online (other cloud-to-cloud scenarios). Check out why partnering with CloudFuze is an ideal solution for overcoming challenges associated with external file permissions.

Streamlined Transfers With Built-In Permission Sharing Feature

One of CloudFuze’s standout features is its ability to maintain the permissions of files/folders granted to external users. The simple and easy-to-navigate interface makes adding the necessary access levels and retaining the external users’ email IDs effortless.

Overcoming Problems in Manual Permission Sharing

What happens when your team fails to preserve external file-sharing permissions during Dropbox to SharePoint Online migration? Your team must identify all the files in the source with external permissions and manually grant the exact access control to the corresponding destination files. It can be a tedious and error-prone process, consuming a lot of time and effort for your internal team.

CloudFuze’s built-in feature makes external file sharing seamless, overcoming the complications in the manual process.

Handling Broken Links to Maintain External Permissions

Another factor to note when you copy Dropbox files to SharePoint is that files have different URLs corresponding to the source and the destination clouds. It can disrupt external collaboration when sharing files through URLs. If your team shares data with external users through URLs, you must ensure they are not broken links.

CloudFuze’s LinkEx is a dedicated tool that helps migrate Dropbox files to SharePoint Online without broken links. It appropriately changes the source file links to work perfectly in the destination with the same external permissions.


CloudFuze empowers organizations with its targeted features for external file sharing, making coordination with multiple users outside the company effortless.


With CloudFuze, your business can save hours of manual effort in sharing files with external stakeholders and focus on other core tasks.

Enhanced Security

Incorrect file permissions can lead to unauthorized file access, leaving sensitive business data prone to threats or data loss. CloudFuze helps companies overcome data security issues by granting permissions only to the correct users.

Expert Support

CloudFuze offers expert support to help you throughout the migration process. We guide you in granting external permissions and cross-verifying the source and destination environments to validate the access levels.

For more information on external permission sharing, reach out to our migration experts.

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