Risk Analysis for Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration

Moving users and data from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace at a large scale raises a lot of security concerns. And it is important to address all of them to ensure an error-free migration which helps eliminate disruptions in operations continuity post-migration.

As part of strategizing the Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration, make sure to perform a comprehensive security assessment with your IT team, identify the limitations, and plan the scope to address them. This post can be an effective starting point to consider the vital parameters to perform the analysis.

Assessment of Technical Blockers and Limitations

In most cases, businesses tend to face several technical limitations when planning to migrate from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace. For example, when planning to migrate from OneDrive to Google Drive, the common technical blocker that IT teams face is Microsoft 365’s file and folder naming convention limitations and lack of support for specific special characters.

Some of other major limitations that your IT team must address include:

  • Limitations in the number of API calls you can use in a given timeframe
  • Lack of support for Google files in OneDrive and SharePoint Online
  • Change in file and folder address leading to breakage of links

To address these technical blockers, a combination of internal IT efforts and the migration partner’s solutions work great. The collaborative efforts from both parties can help manage provisions and streamline the migration in a short span of time.

Evaluating Infrastructural Preparedness

A proper infrastructure is the core enabler for businesses switching from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace to ensure seamless transfer of user accounts and their data. Therefore, it is crucial for your IT team to evaluate the infrastructure of the migration provider and ensure proper readiness. For example, check and ensure that the servers to be used for the migration have gone through sanity tests to eliminate security risks.

On the other hand, if your organization plans to perform the migration locally in your on-prem infrastructure, then it is crucial to deploy the migration tool in the safest way possible. It is also critical to ensure that your IT team gets proper training from the migration tool provider to avoid going wrong in any area.

Security and Compliance Requirements

As part of assessing the risks of migrating from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace at a corporate level, it is crucial to ensure proper security and regulation compliance. Make sure that your internal teams and the migration service provider adhere to the data protection laws of the region where your organization is based at. For example, UK businesses must ensure data localization during the migration with GDPR compliance of the tool being used.

At CloudFuze, security is paramount at every migration solution we provide, including Office 365 to Google Workspace migrations. From adhering to regulations such as GDPR to having ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications, we ensure proper compliance and implement the highest security measures to safeguard the entire migration project from external threats. Learn more about our security.

Availability of Point of Contacts

Many businesses planning to migrate Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace tend to overlook the importance of having dedicated point of contacts for proper communication. It is only through a structured communication process that it becomes possible to make the entire project seamless and achieve a high ROI out of it.

Coordinate with the migration service provider to have specific point of contacts assigned to your organization right from the pre-migration assessment to the post-migration implementation stage. Also, have the migration vendor define the roles of the point of contacts, such as:

  • Point of contact for project coordination
  • Point of contact for infrastructural and overall technical concerns
  • Point of contact for escalations

Scope of Post-Migration Support

Like many businesses, your organization may need extended support post-migration to improve accessibility to the migrated data, improve security of the migrated files and folders, and for other use cases. Therefore, it is important to understand the scope of post-migration support with the migration solutions provider.

At CloudFuze, our support extends beyond the one-time and delta migration. We equally prioritize post-migration support to enable businesses to fully achieve their migration and target cloud adoption goals. Get in touch with our migration team to further understand how our industry-leading solutions can work for your organization’s upcoming Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration needs.

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