How to Deploy CloudFuze In Your Own Cloud for Secure Migration

CloudFuze is one of the very few cloud office migration companies in the world that allows its software to be deployed in a customer’s cloud or VM. In addition to providing migration as a SaaS service, CloudFuze also lets enterprise customers install CloudFuze in their data center or cloud.

CloudFuze provides three different options for customers

  1. Use CloudFuze on our SaaS servers
  2. Have a dedicated instance running on the CloudFuze network
  3. Deploy CloudFuze is in your own server

On-prem deployment of the migration software assures 100% data security. Whether you are a government agency or an education institution where data security is a top priority, you can choose this option.

From a price standpoint, you would only need to pay for the license fees since the data migration happens via your server.

If you think your company’s cloud capabilities or infrastructure doesn’t support on-prem deployment, CloudFuze can set up a dedicated migration instance that ensure better performance and security.

How to Deploy CloudFuze’s On-Prem Cloud Office Migration Suite?

CloudFuze runs on any server with a Linux-based operating system, more precisely Ubuntu. CloudFuze comprises three different server components and all of them need to be installed for the application to work.

A 12-core processor and RAM up to 48 GB are required for better performance.

Needless to say, the uplink has to be of top quality and the internet connection should be extremely fast. All these ensure a safe and quick data migration between clouds.

In addition to this;

  • Internal communication between servers is required
  • Servers need a public IP address to connect
  • Some domains and IPs needs to be whitelisted
  • A subdomain required to access the software’s frontend.

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