How to Overcome Limitations When You Migrate Box to Google Drive

When you migrate Box to Google Drive, a business can gain several advantages, including reduced IT costs, flexibility, efficiency, productivity, etc. In addition to these benefits, migration to the cloud also comes with certain limitations, and overcoming them is always important.

Here, in this article, we highlight the most common but important limitations that we have encountered while assisting our clients to transfer from Box to Google Drive.

Transfer files from box to Google Drive

1. Data Transfer Rate Limit

When it comes to data transfers, Google Drive allows users to upload files up to 5TB in size, although there is a daily limit of 750GB per user. This means that transferring a 1.5TB file to Google Drive will require a minimum of two days.

It impacts migration times, particularly for organizations with large data transfers into My Drive and Shared Drives.

The file size and migration time can impact the Box to Google Drive migration performance. So, understanding the throttling limits of Google Drive is critical for estimating the migration project’s timeline.

2. Long Folder Path Limit

A folder in a shared drive can support up to 20 levels of nested folders. In contrast, Box doesn’t have any limit in creating the number of sub-folders. Therefore, migrating the sub-folders beyond the 20th level from your Box account to Google Drive is not possible. But CloudFuze helps you overcome this limitation with its built-in advanced technology.

When there are more than 20 sub-folders in your Box account, the CloudFuze migration tool finds them and migrates by creating a link with the “Long File” name in the 20th nested folder.

3. Box Only Supported Files Migration

Google Drive supports different file formats to be stored in it. In comparison, the source cloud Box supports Box Note, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

You can easily move Google and Microsoft files from Box to Google Drive, as it supports them. But what about the Box Note that is only specific to the source cloud? The only option is choosing the right tool that supports migrating Box Note to Google Drive.

The CloudFuze migration tool has proven experience in migrating all file types of Box to Google Drive, including Box Note.

4. Migrating Box Permission Levels

Each cloud storage service has its own set of permissions levels. Similarly, permission levels differ between Box, Google My Drive, and Shared Drives. As a result, it is challenging for IT admins to match permissions when copying files from Box to Google Drive.

CloudFuze, a Google migration partner, transfers files from Box to Google Drive while retaining the folder structure and access permissions.

See below how the CloudFuze migration tool migrates the permission levels in Box to Google My Drive and Shared Drives.

Box Permissions Google Drive permissions
Co-Owner Editor
Owner Owner
Editor Editor
Viewer Viewer
Previewer uploader Viewer
Previewer Viewer
Uploader Viewer
Viewer uploader Editor

Table 1: Mapping Box file-sharing permissions with My Drive permissions

Box Permissions Google Shared Drive permissions
Co-Owner Content Manager
Owner Manager
Editor Content Manager
Viewer View
Previewer uploader View
Previewer View
Uploader View
Viewer uploader Contributor

Table 2: Mapping Box file-sharing permissions with Shared Drive permissions

5. Number of Files and Folders Storage Limit

Another limit from Google is that each Shared Drive can only hold 400,000 files and folders. Once you’ve reached this limit, the only method is to split the data across multiple shared drives. However, it can be challenging to understand your data and file structure to work through it, especially if you do not have the right tools.

The CloudFuze migration platform enables you to run a pre-scan and will give you insights into your Box business data that help you plan on splitting up your data before moving.

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