How To Sort Through Office 365 Migration Partners and Choose

Is your company looking to embrace Office 365 as your official cloud suite owing to its superior benefits? The success of the Office 365 migration largely depends on choosing the right migration partner.

But it could be overwhelming to sort through the endless list of Office 365 partners available. That is why we have shortlisted the essential factors to consider before choosing the right Office 365 vendor that suits your business needs.

1. Ability to Meet the Scope of the Project

Each Microsoft 365 data migration project is unique with its own set of requirements. List out the scope of your organization’s migration, like:

  • Migration timeline
  • Data volume
  • Data types
  • Migration type (one-time or incremental)
  • File features to migrate (like timestamps, version history, comments, etc.)

Analyze which Office 365 migration vendor comes closest to meeting the scope of your migration project and discuss it in detail with the partner’s migration experts. This helps understand the feasibility of working on the migration project with a particular Office 365 partner.

2. Learn About Their Success Stories

Analyzing their previous projects is an integral part of gauging an Office 365 migration vendor’s expertise. This shows a picture of their last engagements with other companies and how they have fulfilled their customers’ migration requirements.

Go through the shortlisted Office 365 migration partners’ case studies to get insights into their approaches and strategies to meet their client’s specific project needs.

Reviewing the migration vendors’ testimonials lets you know about their professionalism, ability to meet deadlines, and how they go above and beyond to make the Office 365 migration a complete success.

3. Security Protocols

Security is one of the most critical factors to consider during data migration. UK businesses specifically need to be more stringent with security protocols to ensure complete compliance with GDPR.

Companies dealing with highly sensitive data must abide by regional security and data protection laws. Any nonconformity could result in detriment to the business and loss of customers’ trust that can tarnish their brand.

Hence, selecting an Office 365 migration partner that follows security protocols strictly is very important. Also, the availability of on-prem tool deployment options and UK-based migration staging are other services to look for.

4. Customized Solutions

Microsoft 365 migration can involve migrating data from the current source cloud of a company to OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Teams, or Outlook. Some cases include migrating the complete data, while some require transferring only a subset of it.

Similarly, some scenarios need only a one-time data migration. In contrast, other situations might need an incremental or delta migration to reflect the latest changes in the source data.

The Office 365 vendor must be able to handle different migration situations and provide a customized solution rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

5. Complete Migration Package

While migrating your source cloud data, you might also need to move other entities like emails and messages from existing platforms to Microsoft 365. Rather than approaching different migration vendors for each migration requirement, your company must select an Office 365 migration partner offering a complete package.

By this, it becomes easier to maintain and troubleshoot all the data under the same platform and to save your internal IT team’s time and effort collaborating with multiple vendors.

6. End-to-End Migration Support

The main idea behind choosing a third-party migration vendor is to reduce the burden on your internal IT team members. So, there is no point in settling for a subpar migration service that does not cover all the essential aspects of an Office 365 migration, including end-to-end support.

Go for an Office 365 migration vendor that provides end-to-end managed migrations service, from strategy, planning, pre-migration assessment, data and user mapping, POC, post-migration support, and user training.

Here is a migration checklist for Microsoft 365 migration. Explore whether the Office 365 migration partner and your internal IT team can work together in fulfilling the checklist resulting in a seamless migration.

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