Migrate Dropbox to Office 365 With Content Segregation

Migrate Dropbox to Office 365

Since Office 365 (Microsoft 365) is significantly different than Dropbox, many companies planning to migrate from the former to the latter find it challenging to strategize the project.

For example, if your company has used Dropbox for many years and now wants to embrace the Microsoft 365 cloud suite ecosystem, planning what data goes where can be challenging for your IT team since Microsoft 365 has a multifaceted architecture.

Get actionable insights from this brief guide to plan your company’s Dropbox to OneDrive and SharePoint Online migration strategically.

Migrating Shared and Individual Data Is Integral to the Overall Migration Success

The best way for any company to make the most out of their Microsoft 365 licenses is to utilize the cloud suite’s powerful apps fully. And since SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are two of the market’s most capable and feature-rich cloud storages, your company must leverage both to maximize the returns on cloud collaboration investments.

Both shared data and individual user data have their part to play in ensuring seamless continuity of operations in the new destination cloud environment, Microsoft 365.

Migrate Dropbox Team Folders to SharePoint Online

Since team folders in Dropbox include data that is shared with many people across different teams, it is best to migrate them to SharePoint Online to retain the shared access integrity. Regardless of the number of people the team folders are shared with, migrating them to SharePoint Online Sites helps ensure nobody loses access to any shared data.

Identify all the team folders in your company’s Dropbox accounts and finalize the features you want to migrate along with them, such as sharing permissions.

With CloudFuze, your company can transfer all the important features linked to the shared data. The table below highlights the features that CloudFuze can migrate from Dropbox to SharePoint Online effortlessly:

Features Support
Root folder permissions Yes
Inner folder permissions Yes
Root file permissions Yes
Inner file permissions Yes
Embedded links Yes
Shared links Yes
External shares Yes
Timestamps Yes
All file versions Yes
Selective file versions Yes

Migrate Individual User Folders to OneDrive for Business

Migrating personal user folders is also a crucial aspect of ensuring a successful Dropbox to Office 365 migration for your company. And as a part of migrating content with the segregation approach, transfer all the individual data from Dropbox to OneDrive for Business to isolate them with shared data in SharePoint Online.

Dropbox personal folders

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