Migrate Content from Dropbox to Microsoft 365 with CloudFuze

Migrating content from Dropbox to Microsoft 365 requires careful planning. Most importantly, it is crucial that your team uses the right migration tool to make the entire transition smooth and secure. And equally important is to follow industry’s best practices to ensure you do not go wrong in any area.

Here are some of the best practices to migrate content from Dropbox to Microsoft 365:

Migrate Files from Dropbox to Microsoft 365

It goes without saying that files are one of the most important content types to focus on when planning to move from Dropbox to OneDrive as well as SharePoint Online. It is best to migrate the entire files of each user, both shared and unshared. Also, as part of maintaining their access levels post-migration, prioritize these:

  • Preservation of sharing permissions
  • Retention of access for external collaborators
  • Preservation of hyperlinks
  • Retention of timestamps
  • Migration of shared links

Our Dropbox to OneDrive migration tool makes it effortless to migrate files of all users while preserving all the critical metadata. You can watch our tool in action here:

Migrate Folders from Dropbox to Microsoft 365

Folders also make up the bulk of the content to migrate from Dropbox to SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Most large enterprises and even small to medium-sized businesses that have leveraged our solution have implemented the approach of migrating individual/person folders to OneDrive and Dropbox Team folders to SharePoint Online.

Also, when migrating folders, make sure to:

  • Preserve the folder hierarchy
  • Preserve root folder’s sharing permissions
  • Preserve sharing permission of the inner folders

Migrate Dropbox Paper from Dropbox to Microsoft 365

Lastly, Dropbox Paper is not to be missed out when preparing for migrating content to Microsoft 365 from Dropbox. Since Dropbox Paper files are exclusive to Dropbox storage, OneDrive and SharePoint Online do not support them.

With our migration tool, your IT team can transfer Dropbox Paper files to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online without compromising security or performance. Our tool converts Dropbox Paper into the .docx file format that Microsoft 365 supports.

Migrate Content from Dropbox to Microsoft 365 Smoothly

Leverage our industry-leading migration tool to streamline the entire process of migrating content from Dropbox to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

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