How to Transfer Dropbox Paper to OneDrive With Accuracy

Is your company planning for a Dropbox to OneDrive for Business migration? Before initiating the migration, your IT team must assess and identify the files that are incompatible with the destination cloud. For example, Dropbox Paper files fall under this category, requiring careful planning and execution to migrate to OneDrive for business.
This article will help you gain insights into the crucial factors to consider during Dropbox Paper migration to OneDrive for business.

Challenges in Migrating Dropbox Paper to OneDrive

Dropbox Paper is an exclusive document in the Dropbox platform. This is why files with. Paper extensions are not supported in other cloud environments like Microsoft 365.

To make a Dropbox Paper migration successful, .paper files must be converted into a compatible format like .DOCX to migrate to OneDrive.

But the challenge lies in converting multiple files manually, which takes up much time and effort for your internal IT team.

Migrating Dropbox Paper to OneDrive With CloudFuze

To eliminate the risk of migration failure due to Dropbox Paper file format inconsistency issues, companies must partner with a reliable migration tool like CloudFuze.

CloudFuze overcomes the problem of migrating Dropbox Paper files by automatically converting them into .DOCX format while transferring them to OneDrive.

Check out how CloudFuze transfers different file formats while copying data from Dropbox to OneDrive.

Dropbox File Type Converted File Type in OneDrive
Dropbox Paper DOCX
Microsoft Word DOCX
Microsoft Excel XLSX
Microsoft PowerPoint PPTX
Google Docs DOCX
Google Sheets XLSX
Google Slides PPTX

Besides the file format conversion, CloudFuze maintains other file features like permissions, version history, links, timestamps, etc., while migrating Dropbox Paper files to OneDrive.
Moreover, CloudFuze accurately maps user data and configures mapping paths in a granular approach across the source and destination clouds.
It also follows best practices and security measures, resulting in error-free, precise data transfer from Dropbox to OneDrive without any downtime.
In addition to Dropbox Paper migration, if your company plans for a complete data transfer to Microsoft (SharePoint Online or OneDrive) and requires email migration service and messages data transfer service, CloudFuze is a one-stop solution to handle all the data migrations in the same place.

To know more in detail about how to migrate Dropbox Paper files to SharePoint, refer to this post.

Do not let the obstacles in migrating Dropbox paper files deter your internal IT team from performing the data transfer to OneDrive. Partner with CloudFuze to simplify the migration process and reach your business goals without the hassle of undertaking manual approaches.

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