Transfer Dropbox to Microsoft 365 With a Microsoft Gold Partner

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to transferring Dropbox data to Microsoft 365, in OneDrive and SharePoint Online. And partnering with the right migration service provider is the key to streamlining the entire data transfer process while maintaining the level of security that your company’s data requires.

Most importantly, choosing a migration vendor that has a strategic partnership with Microsoft 365 can enable your team to access priority support and have the backing of experts from Microsoft’s end.

At CloudFuze, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and provide businesses with industry-leading solutions to transfer Dropbox to Microsoft 365 securely. Explore some of the biggest perks of partnering with someone like us for your company’s upcoming Dropbox to Microsoft 365 migration.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Reliable Migration Performance

One of the biggest leverages you can get from partnering with a Microsoft Gold Partner like us is migration performance your company can count on. In the pursuit of moving terabytes and petabytes of your company data, along with a large volume of users, you definitely do not want to risk downtime and disrupt the ongoing operations.

Throughout the years, we have fine-tuned our Dropbox to Microsoft 365 migration paths, including:

Using the latest APIs and updates in Microsoft 365, we have now created the best iteration of our Dropbox to Microsoft 365 migration tool that offers unmatched performance, optimal security, and full scalability.

Unmatched Technical Support

Every migration is unique, and you cannot ensure that you’ll not face any unanticipated challenges along the way. Therefore, it is important to have access to world-class support ready to help your team navigate through any uncertainty. And what better way to have the best technical support at your disposal than to work with a Microsoft Gold Partner?

With our strategic partnership with Microsoft 365, we help businesses of all sizes tackle unforeseen challenges efficiently. With this privilege, you can get a strategic advantage in ensuring timely resolutions and complete migration success.

Case Study Highlight: A technology research and advisory company (one of our past customers) faced an unanticipated API rate limit issue when migrating to Microsoft 365. To ensure the resolution of the issue does not get delayed any bit, our migration team collaborated with the Microsoft 365 team to increase the API rate limit. As a result, the customer was able to resume transferring large volumes of data.

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