Actionable Insights from Our Enterprise Cloud Migration Strategy

Performing a large-scale enterprise cloud migration requires careful planning. Most importantly, it requires insights that not only enable your company to take informed decisions but also help identify and overcome roadblocks that lie ahead.

As one of the leading cloud office migration solution providers with a track record of successfully migrating large enterprises, we at CloudFuze, implement methodologies that are reinforced by our 10+ years of migration experience and insights. And here in this post, we are sharing them. We encourage you to go through them, gain actionable insights, and use them to inform your enterprise’s cloud migration strategy.

Tackling One Migration Project at a Time

If your enterprise organization needs to migrate user accounts and their data from multiple source clouds to the target cloud, we recommend categorizing them as individual projects and working on them one at a time.

This way, you can make several processes lightweight and move the needle faster. For example, you can:

  • Choose a particular migration solution faster
  • Test and analyze the tool faster
  • Prepare the scope of work faster
  • Move the budget and legal approvals quicker

Case in Point: Our customer, Warner Bros. Discovery, first performed their content migration to Microsoft 365, completed it successfully with our solutions and then moved to migrating chat messages to Microsoft Teams.

User Batch Segregation is at The Core of Enterprise Cloud Migration Strategy

The essence of what makes large-scale enterprise migrations successful is a phased approach that involves segregating the user accounts into several batches. Almost all large-sized enterprises that we have successfully migrated implemented this approach to streamline several processes, including:

  • Scope of work planning
  • User account mapping (through the CSV method)
  • Initiating the migration in phases
  • Lowering the risk of API throttling
  • Validating the migration
  • Integrations post-migration

Migrating user batches in phases can also make it easy for your IT team to plan the migration timeline in a structured way to set realistic expectations among the stakeholders.

Most Large Enterprises Prefer Their Migrations to be Assisted

Large scale migrations can be too complex for IT teams (inexperienced in transferring data) to navigate through. The need to move away from not just one but multiple source clouds can add more to the complexity. To streamline such large and complex migrations, we recommend choosing a white glove migration service, such as our managed migration service.

Most of our past large-sized enterprise customers, such as Intuit, London Gatwick Airport, REHAU, and more, opted for our managed migration. As a result, our migration team, along with a dedicated migration manager, offered end-to-end support in every step of the way. From performing deep pre-migration analysis to mapping users granularly and initiating the migration and validating it, our team unwavering support through and through.

Explore our case studies to learn how our team handhold large enterprises in their migration journey.

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