5 Challenges To Overcome for Moving Files From Box to SharePoint

 Overcome for Moving Files From Box to SharePoint

Businesses of all sizes face several challenges when planning to move files from Box to SharePoint. And the key to overcoming the challenges is to take strategic approaches that help improve business processes post-migration.

This post explores companies’ five core challenges and the strategic solutions to overcome them.

 1. Segregating the Users on a Granular Level and Mapping Them

One of the primary challenges businesses face when planning to move Box to SharePoint is to segregate the users and data to migrate, especially on a granular level. In many cases, companies may not have to migrate the entire users and data into Box. In such cases, it is crucial to segregate users and data to migrate from those not needed.
Segregating users to migrate from Box to SharePoint Online
Other reasons, such as retaining the user account hierarchy and transferring one user account’s data to another, complicate the process of segregating and mapping users from Box to SharePoint Online.

Our business migration team helps companies meet their complex source cloud data analysis and segregation needs as part of offering a bespoke managed migration service.

2. Addressing SharePoint Online Limitations

Microsoft 365 has several file/folder naming convention limitations, making it technically challenging to migrate data to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Some of the limitations that complicate the process of migrating to SharePoint Online include:

Overcoming SharePoint Online limitations
CloudFuze helps businesses save time and money to overcome these limitations with automated solutions that come as a standard offering in the managed migration service.

CloudFuze X-Change has built-in features that replace unsupported characters with an underscore or a hyphen, alter unsupported file/folder names by adding an underscore and trim long file paths.

3. Tackling the Complexity of the Features To Be Migrated

Since business data migrations are not a simple data dump project, it is important to migrate all the features linked to the source cloud (Box) data, e.g., sharing permissions, timestamps, and embedded links. And the more complex the features, the more complicated the technicality of migrating them.
Migrating features to SharePoint Online

Businesses must ensure that the migration tool they use has the capabilities to seamlessly transfer all the critical features from Box to SharePoint despite the complexity.

CloudFuze has the technical capabilities to transfer Box’s basic and advanced features to OneDrive and SharePoint migration.

4. Lowering API Throttling and File Conflict Risks

Companies that need to move a large amount of data and users risk facing API throttling issues that can disrupt the entire migration. Since the throttling issue can occur either in the source or destination cloud, it is necessary to have a strategic solution that can help lower the risk.

CloudFuze X-Change automatically identifies if a source or destination cloud API is nearing a throttling point and slows down the migration speed to lower the throttling risk.

CloudFuze also efficiently helps companies resolve file conflict issues with the automated re-try mechanism. The feature identifies files that have gone into conflicts and re-migrates them to the destination cloud.
CloudFuze re-try mechanism

5. Deploying the Migration Tool for Performing the Migration Locally

Government and healthcare organizations, educational institutes, and financial institutions that need to migrate highly-sensitive data must choose the most secure migration environment. And the best option to ensure optimum security is to perform the migration locally in an on-prem migration environment.

However, deploying the migration tool on an on-prem environment is a lot of work, and companies must take care of all the intricate configurations that determine migration success.

Our managed migration team helps businesses deploy our migration tool in their private data centers to perform the migration in an on-prem environment.

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