Which Data Can I Migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams?

Slack to teams

The seamless integration between Teams and other Microsoft 365 Services makes it an excellent alternative to Slack for effective communication and collaboration. Slack and Teams subscriptions almost cost the same, whereas Teams comes integrated with Office 365 apps. As a result, your organization can save heavily on its expensive annual subscription to Slack by migrating from Slack to Teams.

When migrating to Microsoft Teams, IT admins must devise a strategy that moves not only users but also data. It allows users to easily find and access all the information in Teams and continue collaborating with the team members in the same way as they do in Slack after migration. You can export conversations from Slack; however, they cannot be easily imported into the Teams platform.

Therefore, the transfer from Slack to Microsoft Teams is often challenging and time-consuming and requires expert assistance to ensure that all the content is migrated without disrupting business operations.

How to Migrate Data from Slack to Microsoft Teams?

Very few tools can migrate data from Slack to Teams seamlessly. Successful migration from Slack to Teams requires a proven method to transfer completely and securely all your one-to-one, group, and channel messages and files to Teams.

The CloudFuze platform offers an unmatched experience to its customers with its unique Slack to Teams migration approach customized based on the business needs, making it the market’s leading enterprise-ready Slack to Teams migration tool.

The tool migrates almost all the data from Slack to Teams that a business requires. Besides, our experts will help guide you on a successful migration journey while minimizing your business workflow disruptions.
Watch the video below for the complete Slack to Teams migration process with CloudFuze.

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What is Migrated?

Before deciding on the platform, you must check which data it can migrate. CloudFuze is a comprehensive Slack to Teams migration tool that assists SMBs and large enterprises in transforming their work environment from Slack to Teams with all the workspaces, direct messages, and channels (public and private), including:

  • Users
  • Conversations
  • Emojis
  • Timestamps
  • @mentions
  • Replies
  • Files with permissions
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Attachments

Other Key Features of Using CloudFuze for Your Slack to Teams Migration

Along with migrating the entire users and their data, CloudFuze offers some additional features that help businesses of all sizes migrate from Slack to Teams, successfully saving the IT team’s efforts and time.

  • Delta migration

    In addition to migrating data from Slack to Teams, the CloudFuze platform migrates the new conversations between the users in direct messages and channels through the delta migration feature.

    The Slack to Teams delta migration help companies ensures that the entire data has been transferred and is up to date before users begin working with Teams.

  • Managed Migration Service

    Regardless of your organization’s size and complexity level of migration, you will require an expert to make your migration successful. As part of CloudFuze’s managed migration service, our team will manage and monitor the entire process so that your Slack chat will be moved to Teams smoothly and without any downtime and data loss.

  • Data Security

    When switching from Slack to Teams, CloudFuze migrates data using API calls and OAuth protocol, ensuring that all your data and credentials are secured throughout the migration process. The platform adheres to a business’s standard security measures and compliance requirements. Know more about CloudFuze Security.

We simplify the migration process from creating a solid data migration strategy to successfully executing it. Are you looking to migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams? Talk to our experts and get started with your migration today!

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