Why Should Your Business Migrate to Microsoft Teams?

Even though Microsoft Teams and Slack have many similarities, companies are choosing to migrate to Microsoft Teams because of its many benefits. This comprehensive guide clearly explains why and how your business should migrate to Microsoft Teams.

1. Introduction

There has been tremendous growth in the usage of Microsoft Teams among small, medium, and large companies. Microsoft Teams is more than just a communication tool; it’s a powerful and integrated collaboration platform that puts all the tools you need in one place. It allows your team members to collaborate more efficiently by segmenting them into different Teams and Channels.

Despite the popularity of other collaboration tools such as Slack, Skype, and others, Microsoft Teams has become the preferred choice for business collaboration.

According to statistics and reports, many large companies prefer Teams over Slack to benefit the most, and it might be worth considering for yours as well.
Slack Vs Teams
In this article, you will learn about the benefits of migrating to Microsoft Teams and how to migrate to Teams without any data loss.

2. What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a complete collaboration solution that allows both office-based and remote employees to engage with individuals or groups of employees within online workspaces and the Microsoft Teams application. A Microsoft 365 subscription includes Microsoft Teams as a standard feature. It is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere using a desktop or mobile applications on iOS and Android.

3. Slack vs. Microsoft Teams

Slack and Microsoft Teams have been among the top collaboration tools for a long time. They both offer many of the same features. Both allow you to share files and screens, use audio and video calling and initiate group or private chats.

Even though both collaboration platforms look similar, they differ in many other ways. For example, by default, you will get access to the entire Microsoft Office productivity suite with Microsoft Teams.
Let us see in the table below how Slack and Microsoft Teams differ from each other:

Feature Slack  Microsoft Teams 
Pricing Pricing plans start from $6/user/month. Pricing plans start from $4/user/month.
Storage Limit Free plan: 5GB Paid plans: Range from 10 GB to 1 TB Free plan: 2 GB Paid plans: Range from 10 GB to 1 TB
Message Limit Free plan: 10,000 messages

Standard plan: Unlimited

Plus plan: Unlimited

Unlimited messaging in all plans
Direct messages Yes Yes
Channels (public and private) Yes Yes
Integrations 800+ integrations are available 600+ integrations are available
Voice and video calls Free plan: Unlimited for 1 to 1

Paid plans: Group calls for up to 15 people

Free plan: Unlimited for 1 to 1, and up to 100 people can join in group calls.

Paid plans: Group calls for up to 250 people.

Screen sharing Available only in paid plans Available in all plans
Content sharing and editing You can drag and drop files without in-app editing. Can share files directly from Microsoft 365 tools and can be edited in Teams.
Record calls No Yes
Dedicated tab for calls and frequent collaborators  No Yes
Generate call transcripts  No Yes
Change background for video calls  No Yes
Web, desktop, and mobile apps Yes Yes
Built-in calendar No Yes
Invite external collaborators to teams/channels Yes Yes
Group chats Yes Yes
Private Messaging Yes Yes
Set new teams/channels  Yes Yes
Whiteboard No Yes

4. Why Migrate to Microsoft Teams?

As more businesses embrace hybrid working, companies must consider reorganizing their workspaces and policies to suit remote and office-based employees.

Regardless of your company’s size, Microsoft Teams has benefits for small, medium, and large businesses. Microsoft Teams accelerates time to value by providing a customizable and secure environment for teams to interact and connect anywhere, at any time.

Find out how Teams can improve the efficiency of your business by providing powerful features for collaboration and productivity.

Key Features of Microsoft Teams

  • User-friendly and dynamic interface
  • Fully integrated with Office 365 apps and services
  • Third-party apps and API integration
  • Collaborate on files with real-time co-authoring
  • Available in 44 languages worldwide
  • Reduces email conversations
  • Keeps you connected, anytime, anywhere
  • Great virtual experience using Whiteboard
  • Quick search options to easily find information from past conversations
  • Enterprise-grade security

Benefits of migrating from Slack to Microsoft Teams

Some features set Microsoft Teams apart from Slack despite having identical fundamental functionality and many integrations. The following are some of the most significant benefits of Microsoft Teams that businesses get by migrating from Slack to Microsoft Teams.

  • Rather than having to pay the high licensing costs separately for Slack, Microsoft Teams comes within Microsoft 365 suite and offers most of the same features but with much more.
  • Administrators benefit significantly from using Microsoft Teams to build an organized ‘Team’ with multiple channels that enhance security and data management capabilities by improving the content structure.
  • Apart from data encryption, ISO/IEC 27001 compliance certification, and two-factor authentication, Microsoft Teams is designated as Tier D-compliant, which means it adheres to the greatest level of compliance commitment.

Microsoft Teams is the ideal choice for companies already using Office 365 or teams that need more advanced features for effective collaboration.
The migration from Slack to Teams should involve migrating your Slack users, chats, and files without losing any data if you plan on switching from Slack to Teams.

CloudFuze, the enterprise-ready Slack to Teams migration tool, can help you migrate all the chat from Slack to Microsoft Teams through a secure and scalable path.

5. How CloudFuze Helps You Migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams

Migrating data from Slack to Teams has never been easier for businesses. It is proving complex, challenging, and often unsuccessful for many companies. Using CloudFuze data migration tools, businesses can easily migrate Slack data.

The tool can migrate all Slack data, including chats, files, emojis, timestamps, replies, videos, @mentions, threads, etc., of all workspaces, direct messages, attachments, pinned messages, and public and private channels to Teams without any error or data loss.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we will help you determine your company’s best solution and migration path, guaranteeing a seamless migration process. Contact us, and our team of migration experts will assist you on your Microsoft Teams migration journey.

Key Features of CloudFuze Migration Platform

For Slack migration to Teams, CloudFuze offers all the features an IT administrator needs:

  • One-time migration
  • Users’ migration
  • Public channels migration
  • Private channels migration
  • Admin groups migration
  • Admin one-to-one chats migration
  • User groups migration
  • User one-to-one chats migration
  • Emojis and @mentions migration
  • Files with sharing permissions migration
  • Timestamps migration
  • Conversation’s migration
  • Delta migration
  • Channel Members
  • Pre-Scan
  • Message Posted Username

6. Why Choose CloudFuze Among Others

As cloud migration is a tedious process, we recommend choosing a service provider with proven experience in performing Slack to Teams migration tools and a proven ability to manage complex tasks at a global scale.

Our experts at CloudFuze, with a proven track record and success rate, perform Slack to Microsoft Teams migration flawlessly. Here are the reasons why our customers choose us to switch from Slack to Teams, among others:

cloud migration

1. Risk-Free Migration

To handle simple to complex migrations seamlessly, we constantly automate the migration process and integrate with new technologies. So, you can easily migrate your business-critical data with minimal downtime and with reduced risks with our advanced, time-tested, and proven methods.

2. Customized Approach

Careful planning and a proven strategy are critical for successfully migrating from Slack to Microsoft Teams. Our experts create a customized migration strategy that suits your business-specific needs and benefits your organization greatly in terms of speed, efficiency, and cost as you migrate to the Teams.

3. Extensive Experience

We have extensive experience in dealing with the most complex data migrations successfully. In addition, our experienced professionals have successfully executed hundreds of Slack to Teams migrations for businesses of all sizes across the globe smoothly and efficiently.

4. Microsoft Partnership

CloudFuze, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, can migrate all the Slack data to Teams, including workspaces, direct messages, and channels (public and private), which is not possible manually or via other services.

5. 24/7 Support

CloudFuze offers 24×7 customer support via chat as well as email. Moreover, our Enterprise solution for business migration like yours has a dedicated team to handle your migration. The dedicated migration engineer will update you on the migration status daily via email or call based on your preference. This allows an organization to receive timely updates and resolve issues immediately.

With CloudFuze, businesses have successfully migrated to Teams and achieved a faster time to value. Talk to our migration experts to get started with your Team migration today!

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