POC to Migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365

POC to Migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365

Proof Of Concept (POC) of CloudFuze’s migration tool helps businesses explore its functionalities and learn about its practical applications. Businesses with an upcoming Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) migration can schedule POC sessions to assess the feasibility of the tool and make informed decisions accordingly.

This brief guide helps businesses set realistic expectations to migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365.


Several migration tools in the market offer a live or recorded demo. But these options restrict business users from experiencing the tool’s capabilities for different situations in real time.

But a POC gives businesses a complete hands-on experience of how the tool would function and enables them to know the best practices to be followed during varying conditions.

Migration Project Allocation

As a business representative, when you opt for a POC, you will have many questions that must be clarified. The migration vendor should share details on the following before initiating the POC migration process.

  • POC migration initial planning and kick-off meeting
  • Availability of a dedicated account manager and the supporting team
  • Roles and responsibilities of the account manager
  • Scope and project timeline.

CloudFuze’s managed migration team clearly explains the necessary information to help the business IT team to be equipped and ready before starting the migration.

Meeting Migration Requirements

Before your company proceeds to migrate Google Workspace to Office 365, your business’s IT team must provide certain details to the migration vendor.
The following is the list of migration-preparation action items for the business IT team for Google Workspace to Office 365 migration.

  • The finalized user accounts list and data size to be migrated
  • Pre-provisioning of the user accounts in the destination cloud
  • Admin accounts of both the source and destination clouds
  • A finalized list of the features (e.g., permissions, timestamps, version history, etc.) to migrate.
  • Source cloud-specific features to be migrated

When signing a POC to migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365, you get to understand these migration prerequisites that your IT team must provide.

Understanding the Technical Aspects of the Tool

A POC works great in helping your IT team get clarity on the migration tool’s technical capabilities, which further helps assess its feasibility. The following are some technical details that a POC helps you understand when you move from Google Workspace to Office 365.

  • Integration with Google Workspace and Office 365 APIs for data transfer and security.
  • Different user account mapping options are available (auto-mapping and CSV file mapping).

Capability to migrate features like root and inner folder/file permissions, timestamps, embedded links, external shared, in-line comments, etc.

  • Data transfer rate or migration speed.
  • Handling API throttling issues.
  • Generation and evaluation of migration reports.
  • Post-migration validation.

Knowing these technical details lets your IT team be well-prepared for the upcoming Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 migration project.

Business-Specific Needs

A POC can help businesses address specific needs during the migration process. For example, in a particular case, you might want to move only the sub-folder permissions but not the root-level access. Here you can utilize POC as an opportunity to explore and find how the tool functions and meets this requirement.

It is crucial to understand the tool’s approach to resolving challenges, including:

  • Resolution of special characters in Google Workspace files and folders that are unsupported in Microsoft 365.
  • Resolution of certain files and folder names unsupported in Microsoft 365.
  • Resolution of total decoded file paths that exceed the 400 characters limit of Microsoft 365.

Check this guide for details on what to expect during a POC migration.

If you are looking forward to learning how CloudFuze can help your company migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365, request a demo or a custom POC from our migration team.

At CloudFuze, we help successfully migrate Google Workspace to Office 365, overcoming any challenges you might face during the process.

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