10 Challenges To Overcome When Migrating Google Drive to OneDrive

Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive

Every business migration involves several challenges. And for businesses planning to transfer Google Drive to OneDrive, these are the challenges that are important to deal with:

You can also learn about these challenges in our Google Drive to OneDrive migration guide.

1. Special Characters Unsupported in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 doesn’t support these characters in files and folder names: ” * : < > ? / \ |. Files and folders in Google Drive that include these characters in their names can conflict when migrated to OneDrive.

CloudFuze has a built-in feature that automatically replaces these unsupported characters with a hyphen (-) or an underscore (_).

2. Specific File/Folder Names Unsupported in Microsoft 365

Businesses planning to transfer Google Drive to OneDrive for Business also need to ensure that there are no Google Drive files and folders with certain names that aren’t supported in Microsoft 365.

These names include:

Unsupported names

3. Migrating comments

Like many businesses, your company may face technical challenges to transfer comments when migrating Google Drive files to OneDrive, especially during bulk migration.

Since Google Drive and OneDrive are distinct proprietary platforms, their technologies, and features differ. This is why it’s best to migrate comments via CSV files.

4. 400 Characters Path Length Limit in Microsoft 365

Whether migrating Google Drive to SharePoint Online or OneDrive, or both, file/folder paths cannot have more than 400 characters.

CloudFuze intelligently trims long Google Drive file/folder paths into 350 characters, creates a folder called “LongFileName,” and dumps the remaining data into it.

5. Transfer Rate Throttling Set either by Microsoft or Google

Cloud service providers such as Microsoft and Google can set transfer rate throttling if more data is migrated in a particular time frame than allowed.

In such scenarios, CloudFuze’s re-try mechanism initiates the migration of data that is shelved due to transfer rate throttling. The automated design of the re-try mechanism speeds up clearing the backlogs.

6. Migrating Same User Accounts To Different SharePoint Sites

Migrating Google Drive to SharePoint Online isn’t the same as migrating Google Drive to OneDrive. Many companies can find it challenging to migrate the same user accounts to different Sites in SharePoint Online.

One simple way to do this is to map the user email IDs and paths in a CSV file.

CSV mapping 1

7. Migrating Different User Accounts To Same SharePoint Sites

To rearrange data more properly in SharePoint Online and OneDrive, your company may plan to migrate different user accounts to the same SharePoint Site.

To do this, map different user email IDs with the same folder path in the destination cloud.

CSV mapping 2

8. Complying With Data Regulation Laws

Every business needs to comply with the data regulation laws of the country they are based out of when planning to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

For example, if your company is based in the UK or EU, it’s a must to comply with GDPR and other data protection laws. With CloudFuze, you get the flexibility to choose a GDPR-compliant migration server that is hosted either in the UK or EU.

9. Company Data Too Sensitive To Be Migrated in a Standard Server

Companies based in data-critical industries such as healthcare, government, technology, hospitality, education, e-commerce, and other industries need to protect data at all costs during every step of the migration.

To do this, it’s best to transfer Google Drive to OneDrive locally and prevent any data from going out into shared or public networks. You can deploy CloudFuze as a standalone program and run it into your data center to ensure optimum data protection. Learn more from our migration team.

10. Rationalizing Data Migrated to Microsoft 365

In many companies, end-users (employees) often find it challenging or cumbersome to efficiently adapt to the new working environment in the destination cloud, which, in this case, is OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

One of the best ways to rationalize data migrated to Microsoft 365 is to update all the incremental changes made during the migration via delta migration. Looking back at the migration reports is another good option.

Our migration team can perform multiple delta migrations on your request and offer you a tailored price quote.

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