Migrate Chats From Slack to MS Teams With Formats & Images

Migrate Chats From Slack to MS Teams

Businesses that plan to ensure 100% replication when switching from Slack to Teams must focus on every critical area. And since messages are one of the core aspects of Slack, it is crucial to prioritize the nitty-gritty of Slack messages and migrate them comprehensively.

Read this post to understand the process of migrating formats, images, videos, and GIFs of Slack messages (Channel messages and DMs) to Microsoft Teams.

Migrating Formats and Images of Slack DMs

Attributes such as text formats, images, videos, emojis, and others elevate Slack DMs not just in terms of aesthetics but also play a crucial role in improving user productivity and overall work experience. And accurately preserving them is vital for businesses that look forward to replicating their Slack environment in Microsoft Teams.

With CloudFuze as a strategic migration partner, businesses and their IT teams can migrate all or selective Slack DMs to Microsoft Teams while preserving all attributes and metadata.

Here is an example of Slack DMs containing images, emojis, and formats such as bold and numbered lists:

Slack DMs

The process of migrating Slack DMs along with formats and images with CloudFuze is straightforward. It starts with configuring Slack as the source and Microsoft Teams as the destination cloud in the CloudFuze webapp.

Configuring Slack to Teams

Another needle mover step is to map user accounts from Slack as the source to Microsoft Teams as the destination.

If your organization has a diverse set of user accounts and if a bulk of them do not accurately match with the new accounts created in Teams, the best approach is to map the source and destination user accounts through CSV.

User mapping for Slack to Teams migration

Here is an example of the replication of formats and images of Slack DMs in Microsoft Teams. Unlike Slack, Microsoft Teams may not show the preview of the migrated images in many cases.

Slack DMs in Microsoft Teams

Similar to Slack DMs, it is critical for businesses to ensure a comprehensive replication of Slack Channel messages to ensure workflow continuity post-migration. CloudFuze makes it simple for IT teams to migrate Slack Channel messages in bulk while preserving formats, images, videos, emojis, and other properties.

Here is an example of Slack Channel messages with images, videos, PDFs, and text formatting:

Slack Channel messages

After following the same mapping and migration process as Slack DMs, Channel messages and their attachments and properties will reflect in Teams the way as highlighted in the example below:

Slack DMs, Channel messages

Migrate from Slack to Teams Strategically

You can do a lot more than just migrate messages and DMs with their properties with CloudFuze as the migration partner. Discuss with our migration team to learn how CloudFuze’s Slack to Teams transfer capabilities can work to your company’s advantage of achieving business-focused goals.

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