Migrate All Types of Box Files to Google Drive with CloudFuze

When planning to move from Box to Google Drive, it is highly likely that your company will consider migrating all types of Box files to Google Drive. And to perform this task securely and successfully, choosing the right migration tool is the way to go.

This article discusses how to transfer all types of Box files to Google Drive with CloudFuze.

Move All Files Entirely from Box to Google Drive

Box to Google Drive migration is a complex task. An experienced migration partner, along with the right migration tool, will ensure all migration tasks are handled efficiently and files of all types are migrated seamlessly. At CloudFuze, we take pride in having designed the best cloud migration tool that supports moving data from Box to Google Drive.

Systematically Move Box Files with Our Migration Tool

We have a systematic approach to help organizations move data from Box to Google Drive. Our migration partners assist you in monitoring every stage of the process, including the pre-migration phase, migration completion phase, and validation phase. Our migration solution doesn’t just involve moving files and folders; it also focuses on preserving timestamps, permissions, versions, and other significant features. Organizations can select our Box to Google Drive migration tool to migrate all types of Box files to Google Drive.

The types of files that you can migrate are:


  • Microsoft Word
  • Google DocsDocuments


  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google SlidesPresentations


  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google SheetsSpreadsheet

Our tool migrates all the files mentioned above from Box to Google Drive and Google Shared Drives. Some of the benefits of using our migration tool are –

  • Automated process to save time and effort
  • Offers data security with end-to-end encryption during the transition
  • No breakage of links, and no data is lost or corrupted
  • Preserves permissions, timestamps, and versions
  • Offers support for any concerns that may arise during the migration process

As a trusted Google Cloud partner, we help organizations leverage the full potential of Box to Google Workspace migration to streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, customization, advanced data reporting, and improve efficiency and productivity.

If you are looking to switch from Box to Google Drive, Google Shared Drive, or Google Workspace to enhance productivity and collaboration, contact our cloud migration team to further understand how our solutions can meet your migration needs.

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