Managing cloud data migrations, especially Box to Google Workspace, can be a time-consuming, complex, and error-prone task. Check out this article to help you migrate Box files to G Suite seamlessly without any data loss.

1. Introduction

It will be challenging to migrate from Box to Google Drive because each of these cloud platforms is unique. While some concerns are about data security, privacy, and cost, others are associated with file attributes.

A successful cloud Box to G Suite migration lowers costs, increases scalability, and eliminates the chances of cyber-attacks and data losses that might ruin your company. So, let us look into everything you need to know to transfer data from Box to G Suite. How difficult is it to migrate Box files to G Suite? Most importantly, how to Box to Google Drive and Shared Drives?

2. Why Move Box Files to G Suite (Google Workspace)?

Before we discuss the challenges of migrating Box files to G Suite, let us first know its benefits for your business. Google Workspace comes with a bundle of productivity and collaboration apps Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Contacts, Drive, Calendar, Meet, Chat, and many more.

You no longer must transfer files one by one using the shared drive of Google Workspace, which Box doesn’t support. Furthermore, Google Workspace’s real-time collaboration capabilities make it the ideal tool for working on projects with your team.

Box to Google Workspace

If you already have a G Suite (Google Workspace) subscription or are currently utilizing both Box and G Suite, switching from Box to G Suite will save you money and allow your team to communicate effectively and swiftly.

Watch the video below to migrate your Box files to Google Drive through simple steps.

3. Box to Google Workspace Migration Limitations and Challenges

Migrating to G Suite from Box with large volumes of data can be highly challenging for companies. The bigger an organization is, the more difficult it becomes for IT admins to move files from Box to G Suite.

Your Box to G Suite data migration limits depend on Google Workspace’s threshold limitations.

Limit Type Limit
Daily data transfer/upload limit per user between My Drive and all shared drives. 750 GB
Maximum levels of nested folders can be migrated from Box to the shared drive. 20 levels
Maximum items can be migrated from Box to a single shared drive, including files, folders, and shortcuts. 400,000

Here are some of the common challenges that could result in project failure altogether when you transfer Box files to G Suite.

  • Lack of expert knowledge.
  • Migration of large amounts of data while preserving permissions, versions, comments, timestamps, shared links, and external shares
  • Downtime risks.
  • Business disruptions.
  • Keeping data secured throughout the migration process.

4. How to Determine Your Box Data Size for Migration?

Before you migrate data from Box to G Suite, you must first estimate the volume of data to be migrated, which will determine the migration timeframe and costs. Note that only admins will have access to check the data size of Box usage within your business.

Log in to the Box admin account to view the data size and click on “Admin Console”.

Box Admin Console

Now, click on “Insights”. Here, you can see the total number of your business Box users and the storage space used, the data size to be migrated.

Box Insights

5. Right Approach to Transfer Box to Google Workspace

Businesses planning to migrate from Box to G suite should find a migration service provider that helps to avoid the challenges on your migration journey.

Choosing data migration services can help speed up the process, reduce migration risks, and avoid downtime. If you select the inappropriate tool for your migration project, your project will be put at risk. Always double-check that the migration solution meets your company’s requirements and has the expertise to securely transfer Box files to G Suite.

Looking for a tool to help you transfer data from Box to G Suite? CloudFuze can assist you! Schedule a demo with us to see how to successfully transfer files from Box to Google Drive or Shared Drives.

6. CloudFuze vs Competitor Migration Tools

Different tools offer different Box to Google Workspace migration features. Let us understand how CloudFuze stands among the competitors in offering all the migration features that businesses need.

Features Available Competitors
One-time migration Yes Yes
Delta migration Yes Yes
Root folder Permissions migration Yes Yes
Root file Permissions migration Yes Yes
Sub-folder permissions migration Yes Yes
External Shares migration Yes Yes
Shared Links migration Yes Yes
Version history migration Yes No
Selective versions migration Yes No
Metadata migration Yes Yes
In-line comment migration Yes No
Long-file name conversion Yes Yes
Special characters conversion Yes Yes
Long folder path No Yes
Special character replacement No Yes
Suppressing Email Notification No Yes
Comparison Delta No Yes

Schedule a free demo today and see how CloudFuze transfer data from Box to Google Workspace with all the features.

7. Why Choose CloudFuze as Your Box to Google Workspace Migration Partner?

As a Google Migration Partner, CloudFuze is well-recognized as a safe tool to copy Box files to G Suite. With the support of our managed migration team, you can migrate Box files to G Suite without compromising data and, more importantly, your day-to-day business operations.

Box to Google Workspace

With CloudFuze Box to G Suite migration tool, an admin can easily select multiple or all users at once. This powerful tool comes with multiple advanced features such as:

  • Delta Migration- Migrates the changes made since the last migration is initiated.
  • Metadata Filtering-You can migrate all data Features or select the ones you want to migrate, like permissions, timestamps, external links, and shared links.
  • Selective Versions Migration- Migrates versions for the selected timeframe.
  • Exclude File Types- Files with the given format won’t be migrated.
  • Additional Email Notifications- Sends migration status/updates to all the added emails.

CloudFuze has a track record of providing successful managed migration services helping businesses to copy Box files to G Suite smoothly and securely. See how CloudFuze helped Discovery to migrate large amounts of data from Box to Google Workspace.

Discovery Case study

Connect with our experts for a detailed and customized Box to G Suite migration based on your unique business needs.

8. Box to Google Workspace Migration Prerequisites

Ensure you have the below credentials before initiating automated migration from Box to Google Workspace.

  1. Dropbox account admin login credentials
  2. Google Workspace admin login credentials
  3. A CloudFuze account login credentials

9. How to Migrate From Box to Google Workspace?

Here is how you can copy Box to G Suite through simple steps.

Step 1: Create and Log in to CloudFuze Account

The initial step to copy Box to G Suite Drive is creating a CloudFuze account and logging in with your credentials.

CloudFuze Webapp

Step 2: Add Your Box Business Account

Click on the Box logo under the business clouds section. Ensure that you select the Box logo from the business clouds list but not from the personal clouds list since it is a business migration.

Box Account

Step 3: Authorize Box Business Account

Enter Box admin credentials and click on the “Authorize” button to allow access to CloudFuze to migrate your Box data.

Authorize Box Business Account

Step 4: Add a Google Drive Account

Now, click on the Google My Drive logo to add your business Google Workspace account.

 Add Google Drive Account

Step 5: Authorize Google Workspace Account

Enter Google Workspace admin credentials and click on the “Allow” button to allow access to CloudFuze to paste your Box data into it.

Authorize Google Workspace Account

Step 6: Verify Whether the Clouds Addition is Successful

Click on the “Clouds” icon, go to the “Manage Clouds” tab and ensure that both Box and Google Workspace clouds are added.

Box to Google Drive

Step 7: Start the Box to Google Drive Migration

Click on the “Team Migration” icon and choose Box as the source cloud and Google Drive as the destination cloud to start the migration.

Box to Google Drive Migration

Step 8: Map Box and Google Workspace Users for Migration

Now, you should select Box and Google Workspace users whose data you want to migrate. You can also use the Automap or CSV method to map users between the Box and Google Drive cloud accounts.

Map Box and Google Drive Users for Migration

Step 9: Mapping the Users Automatically

The Auto-Map built-in functionality in the CloudFuze migration tool maps the Box and Google Workspace users based on their email alias.

Mapping the Users Automatically

Step 10: Mapping the Users Manually

If there are changes in the email addresses, you can create custom migration pairs using the CSV method.

For Example: 

 Mapping the Users Manually

Upload the CSV file once it is filled with all the details appropriately.

CSV file

Now, download the CSV file and validate it.

 validated report of Box to Google Drive

Step 11: Choose Migration Options of Your Choice

You can select the data features you want to migrate from the “Migration Options”. Job Type shows whether the migration is one-time or delta, and you can give the Job Name of your choice.

Also, you can exclude the files from migrating by entering the file types in the “Exclude File Types”. Add multiple email addresses in the “Additional Notifications” section to which you need to receive migration updates.

 Migration Options for box to google drive

Step 12: Preview and Confirm the Migration

Finally, preview and make sure that all the selected options are appropriate, and click on the “Start Migration” button.

Preview and Confirm the Migration

Step 13: Check the Migration Status

The status turns “Processed”once the file transfer from Box to Google Drive is successful.

Processed for Box to Google Drive

10. Box to Google Workspace Migration FAQs

1. How to Migrate Box to Google Workspace with Complete Data Integrity?

Through a well-thought-out migration plan, CloudFuze ensures a seamless Box to Google Drive migration with complete data integrity. Our experts thoroughly assess your source cloud data, map accurately to the target environment, and preserve critical attributes such as permissions, versions, timestamps, and more. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your data remains intact and fully accessible in Google Workspace while minimizing disruptions.

2. How Much Does the Box for Business to Google Workspace Migration Cost?

The cost to move Box to Google Workspace varies depending on several factors, such as the number of users to be migrated, data size, and other migration features. Contact our experts for a customized quote tailored to your business needs.

3. Is CloudFuze Box to Google Workspace Migration Tool Safe to Use?

CloudFuze prioritizes data security and employs robust encryption protocols to protect your data throughout migration. With CloudFuze, you can move Box to Google Workspace while adhering to stringent security standards, making it a trusted choice for organizations seeking a safe and efficient migration solution.

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